Fox Project "what Year Is Your Escort Again?"

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  1. T56 in. QuickTime bell housing, stiffer mount, spec clutch stage 3, and a custom driveshaft.

    Car shifts almost as buttery as my well worn t5. First gear is a 2.66. Car actually has a first gear now. I think I'm keeping my 3.73s. 6th is a tiny bit longer than the stock 5th. It turns 1400rpms @ about 50mph with a 275/40 rear. Once the trans breaks in I think it will but as smooth as the t5

    It was a lot of money, the swap wasn't bad other than some clearancing of the underbody for the trans. It was minor.

    The day after I finished the trans I popped the gasket on the water pump and had to be trailered home. I can't win. Hehehe. image.jpg image.jpg
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  2. Was that a cobra t56? I am told the viper unit has a taller 6th overdrive that really drops rpms at higher speeds.
  3. It's a viper spec.
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  4. T56 T5 TKO

    2.66 3.35/2.95 3.27
    1.78 1.94 1.98
    1.30 1.34 1.34
    1.00 1.00 1.00
    0.74 0.63 0.68/0.83
  5. Good to know. It's a swap I've really been wanting to do. Do you think it's worth it over a tko?
  6. I originally ordered the tko. The tko has a problem engaging gears over 6000 rpms. My car revs out higher than that. I've heard from owners of tkos that they are difficult to shift. Some said they shift ok and some were not happy at all. D&D has a modification to the standard tko600 that will make it shift better at higher rpms and have better engagement. I think that service was 300 or 400 bucks. That put me at the price of a t56.

    With the tko you can keep your driveshaft though. Probably your speedo cable too.
    I've never driven a car with a tko though. So I'm only relaying stories as told to me.

    If you are in the stafford, va area you are more that welcome to take my car out and see if you'd like a t56.
  7. If I was closer I would take you up on that in a heart beat.
  8. Money is the hurdle. The swap was pretty straight forward.
  9. Overall goal for my car is to compete on open track days. I am a couple hours from sebring. Not exactly sure I need a 6 spd but damn it would be nice to have when I am on the highway. My t5 is on borrowed time.
  10. I live within 60 minutes of 2 1/8th mile tracks and a 1/4 mile track. They are building a road course though about 20 miles away. I can't wait.
  11. How do you like the Stifflers stuff? I think thats their transmission crossmember?... I was looking at that and their spider brace setup for the K-member and sub-frame connectors.
  12. It was actually a pretty nice piece. Welds were decent, all the poly was pre-pressed. Fit very well. I can't figure out what the other two mounting points are on it though. Instructions didn't say. Maybe they sell some sort of driveshaft loop that bolts up to it? I don't know
  13. You have to change the blocker rings to get it to shift at higher rpms. I've done the mod and it definitely shifts faster, but I'm shifting around 6200rpms, so I couldn't tell you what it's like at 6500 rpms. Most people face plate the transmission if they are shifting closer to 7000rpms. For the money it costs to do that, you might as well get the T56. Even faceplated both Hanlon and Liberty say that neither a TKO or a T56 should be power shifted. They just aren't strong enough. Before I did the mod I would shift it at 6300 with no problems.

  14. that's good to know. I have zero plans to power shift. I can barely "regular" shift as it is.
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  15. Two weeks and a few hundred miles on the T56 and it's loosening up nicely. It's 8/10ths as smooth as my well worn T5. Clutch engagement is getting better, but still grabby in traffic. When reading reviews, everyone talks about how awesome it is. When talking to people who have actually had the clutch in person....they seem more candid. It certainly holds well. No question there.
  16. Trans is still leaking through the speedo cable. I've tried sealing it. I had read that someone used shrink tubing around the metal crimp in the able and then RTV'd it. I might try that. It's leaking about a quarter sized spot on the garage floor if it sits all night. Good thing it's super easy to fill.
    The clutch I am so so on. It works great when it's cool but as soon as I hit some stop and go it chatters. I can also hear the springs in it. It has gotten better though. Hopefully, with time it will continue. I don't feel like replacing it again.
  17. So I added some stuff. Upr kmember. Kooks long tubes. Strange adjustable shocks. Rear and front coil overs, v3 si trim. Cobra tank. Twin 340lphs. 60lb injectors, larger fuel lines, regulator, catch can...some other stuff I can't recall.

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  18. What a beautiful car man, jeez!