Progress Thread Project "worse Than Expected" 1992 Mustang Lx

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  1. So about 6 weeks ago I got a Mustang sight unseen, and from the pictures I thought it was mint.

    Here's the thread:

    I just got back last week, and noticed there's lots of things I need to fix and restore before I can get to what I wanted to do ( 5-lug swap, panhard bar and torque arm). I don't start work till next week, so I decided to sell the carbon fiber hood for some cash.

    So the work has commenced! I took off the carbon fiber hood, and replaced it with the stock hood.

    I can live with the scratches and dings on the hood till I get a paint job which is like a year or two away.


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    Now I have to fix the leaky radiator, and get seats. Will update thread as i move along.
  2. Still looks good man ditch those headlights though

  3. not to be mean but i agree on the headlights
  4. the car itself looks nice, good foundation
  5. I would have kept the CF hood. But for sure ditch those head lights. Unless you like them. Then more power to ya I guess :shrug:
  6. Don't worry guys... the headlights are on the list. Pretty low on the list right now, but I do plan on replacing them at some point.

    Once I start working next week, I hope the mods will start coming in at a nice pace.
  7. Sharp car, brand and size of rims/tires? I've got same headlights on mine, they suck p/o hacked the wire job and the fitment is crap.
  8. Those items that you didn't know about until after you got the car are pretty minor. Sure they cost money but be grateful it was only cosmetic and not like a blown motor or something crazy.
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  9. Oh, just saw you were in Houston. I have some seats I wanna get rid of, grey tweed in decent shape. PM me your email and Ill get you some pics, etc if you still need some.
  10. So I just installed a new steering wheel, I think it looks awesome and will match my new seats pretty well. One problem though, when driving down the road the steering wheel is off center to the right, guess an alignment is the only fix?


    Pulling off the stock steering wheel was fun, would have loved to install the seats, but american muscle didn't include any hardware for the seat brackets..... so these will have to wait to be installed till later

    View attachment 126454

    I also need to install my MM strut tower brace, then the trim.... looking forward to the weekend!

  11. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, missed your question. The rims are 17x8 and 17x10.5 with 235/45 in front and 275/45 in the back.

    I know what you're talking about with the wire hacking on the headlights. Poked around and saw the original wiring cut, so I'm putting that off for a while.
  12. Yeah, definitely better off with those seats than what I have, hahaha. How do you like those? I would like to get something similar since I dont have the money for Kirkeys right now
  13. How do you like the new Steering wheel? Does the airbag light come on?
  14. Sorry haven't been on here in a while.

    The airbag light did come on,no beeping though. Still have to find a way to turn it off.

    I just installed the seats, and I like them, they are pretty stiff and don't have much cushion, but the are comfortable. They feel sturdy and solid.

  15. I'd like to swap out my stock airbag steering wheel, but I've yet to find one that has functional cruise control on it that looks good.
  16. Yeah, mine wasn't working so it wasn't a big factor. I've seen a couple of guys make some brackets and put the 87-89 buttons and made them work.

    Here's the thread
  17. As far as the wheel being off center, if the old wheel was centered properly, then you were a few splines off when you mounted it. You can either pull it back off and try again, or loosen the tie rods and center it that way
  18. Love the steering wheel. I've been debating one of those for a little while now. I think you just helped me choose.
  19. Pull the airbag fuse or the bulb in dash. Only thing is I've seen aftermarket wheels on 90+ cars and I don't like that huge gap between the wheel and the column, plus I want to keep the airbag for safety,insurance reasons and CC. The only guy I know who made brackets for the CC stopped making them years ago. Guess you can either fab up a bracket or mount the CC switches in the dash or console. Other option is to swap in a 89 or older column as they don't have airbags and the connections are easier for the horn . Plus you can get tilt.

    Saw those Momo wheels- $300 bucks?
  20. Thinking about going to the older tilt column.

    With the hub included, yes the steering wheel was around 300. 220 by itself.