Progress Thread Project "worse Than Expected" 1992 Mustang Lx

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  1. What kind of headlights are you in the market for? Im willing to trade some stockers for those one piece lights.

    Also have stock 89 CC switches i could throw in. They are just sitting in my tool box.
  2. I took the car out for a spin and kept hearing a banging sound coming from the rear. Jacked up the car and the bushing on the upper control on the passenger side is gone.

    I'm looking to replace them, the upper control arms are bbk units. Should I use rubber or urathane? I've read that urathane on the uppers can cause binding.

    sorry I'm really not even thinking about replacing the headlights right now, I'll let you know in the future.
  3. I've got a ton of crap in my garage that I'd love to get rid of - including a set of new(er) UPR uppers. Urethane shouldnt bind as long as they are installed correctly
  4. Thanks for the hookup, just finished installing them, car is up and running again! Will post pics tomorrow
  5. Glad I could help!
  6. So long old friend, I sold the 5.0 and the svt focus and got a 2013 5.0. Nostalgia probably got the best of me, since my first car 12 years ago was a 5.0, and I forgot that the car was 22 years old and needed more tlc than I was expecting.

    One day I would like to get a 5.0 and do a full restoration, I just love these foxes. The new 5.0 will have to make due for now, lol.




    The new 5.0
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  7. Forgestars on the new one?
  8. Bag it please lmfao
  9. DON'T BAG IT!
  10. yeah, 20x9 in the front and 20x10 out back. I really like them huge selling point for the car.

    To bag or not to bag? Lol, the sportlines are plenty low for me.

    The new 5.0 feels so much bigger than the fox, and heavier.

  11. Yeah man, it is a much bigger and heavier car, and less torquey, but arent the revs just a hoot??? And the interior quality is great IMO. With the sportlines, I bet she still handles really well even being big and heavy. Mine handles better than any of my older mustangs with the suspension set up I put under it. Im jealous of the wheels, kinda wish I would have gone with a similar style rather than my Shelby wheels.
  12. If you want to melt your face, sit in your car and remember that people have put S197 dashboards into foxbodies without any major surgery. The width of the dashboards is functionally identical. Yet the S197 seems gigantic in comparison to a foxbody when you're driving one.

  13. those wheels look just fine i have to say...!....diggin the cowel hood also.....
  14. Thats a stock hood.
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  15. I really like those wheels, your car looks sick.

    I know what you mean about the rpms flying high, getting really low mpg this tank, lol, and you're right this thing handles great, feels confident.

    That almost seems to break the law of physics, lol. I drove it back from Atlanta with 2 passengers and they were surprised they were ok sitting in the back. Couldn't say that about the fox.

    Mine is stock, but 95bluestalion's is definitely a non-stock cowl hood.
  16. the black one?.....
  17. If youre referring to the hood on the green fox, it looks stock.
  18. was talking about the killer black one...
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  20. Looks good. I test drove a '14 2 days ago. I loved it but the wife threatened me with my life if I came home with anything other than my truck.