Progress Thread Project "worse Than Expected" 1992 Mustang Lx

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  1. I test drove a '13 last year at Ray Skillman. Pretty much the biggest Roush dealer in the country so it had gears, exhaust and a CAI. Salesman was all about lettin me run it through it's paces and it was a friggin blast.
    Glad I didn't end up taking it home but damn I really dig them
  2. While I am sure you are right, the car has to be a couple/few wider and several inches longer on the outside. I agree with the OP that the back seat offer much more leg room, and IMO the doors are much longer and wider than fox doors. Its weight has to come from somewhere! As for the the compliments on my car, thank you guys, I really do love my car but who doesnt like new wheels all the time??? :)

    Thanks man, and yeah its a Trufiber 3" cowl hood. I was shopping around for a 2" or 2.5" but this had the best cowl shape in my opinion so I dealt with it being 3" tall.

    Ok, now back to your originally scheduled post. Sorry for the hijacking.
  3. How can you not love these things bagged?
  4. I'm a person that loves form and function. Doing this limits what I want to do. I take the Rickey Bobby approach..... Some take the Snoop Dogg approach. No hate, just not for me. @88LX5.Oh P.S. I have seen both of these cars and they do look nice
  5. Thats the beauty with bags. Set it on the ground when parked, set your ride hide and firmness to ride and handle how you want depending on what you are doing when driving the car. I have read several folks using air bags on road race cars. If I would have had the money at the time, I would have gone that route rather than piecing together my current set up bit by bit.