Projector Headlights-anyone Not Using Raxiom?

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  1. Hi all,

    This year I bought a v6 prem w/ perf. Package. I did not order my car because I was in a bind and needed it at short notice. So far I am very happy with it.

    I got all the options I wanted, except HID Headlights. I really want something comparable to the HID, or at least something a tad more flashy than the halogens. I traded my BMW for the stang, so I grew very used to having Halo Projectors.

    Of course AM has raxiom projectors which look cool in the pictures, and the price is right. Although, I have read about a few issues here and there with them. Other sites have similar lights (with halos and such), like Stage3 or Carid. Usually the other brands are similar in price or a bit more. I realize they arent HID, just simple projectors, and I am ok with that.

    My question is: is there anyone who has an aftermarket headlight set up on their Mustang, that isn’t raxiom? What are you impressions? Pictures are great, if you have them!
  2. Hello - I know your post is pretty old so I apologize if my response is outdated....I recently bought a set of Raxiom Smoked Projector Headlights for my '12 GT, (as seen in my profile pic). I love the look! I get compliments on them often. However, they're more, or less worthless for night driving. Virtually no illumination out further than say 25-30 feet. I didn't want to go back to stock so I looked up, and found an HID conversion kit. I just received them, and am set to install them tomorrow. Therefore, I obviously can't comment on their performance "yet." I'll re-post with the results along with some new photos.....In closing, the Raxioms are an awesome addition, and make the front end look downright mean, (in my opinion). I'm certain the HID conversion will do the trick for the output.........To be continued...........
  3. Looking forward to hearing back about the HID conversion kit. Definitely looking to upgrade my night vision.
  4. Well, the HID's work great! Not a massive difference, but definitely a big difference. When I called the company that sells the conversion kits they told me that the lamps had only a single element, and that I would lose my high beams. Turns out that they, (the guy I talked to), were wrong. The lamps are dual element, and when switched to the high beams they light up the freakin' world! I'm definitely happy with my purchase! I did have to adjust the Raxioms up pretty much to their max to get some distance out of them, but that was simple.