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  1. hi i'm new to the forums and maybe some1 can help me out. having grown up chevy all my life things were simple to me on the basics of my cars and trucks. for instance i drive a 2004 chevy colorado and i like it. but my girl just bought her new toy a 2004 ford mustang GT convertable. i love the car but i have some issues with it maybe you guys could help me with. i'm new to the ford game so bear with me please.

    1. is there a way to adjust the fog lights on the car so they don't point into the trees?

    2. what would be a good exhaust system for it that isn't "stupid" loud but give you a nice rumble?

    3. how do you take the plastic GT add ons of i.e. fake hood scoop, wing, side scoop things? she has a project in mind for me to do with them.

    4. why does this car feel so slow? i've driven other automatic GT ponys and the things are alot faster then this 1. it just feels held back big time even with the traction and overdrive off.

    5. will you except me even tho i drive your enemy myself. lol i drive brand specific but i'm not totally specific myself. i've always likes mustangs but could never pull myself away from GM. now she has this car i don't see us gettin rid of it for a long time.
  2. this site blows im out at least on my colorado forums people try and help the new guy see ya later. well prolly not at all this is why i drive chevy.
  3. Yes, this site is dead.

    Your fog light issue...was the car in an accident at some point? They are not like that stock.

    Good exhaust - get the MagnaFlows with the larger mufflers. The MagnaPacks (small glasspacks) are louder, and then you get to super growling badass loud with an offroad MAC Pro Chamber up front. Can't imagine putting long tube headers on.