Prom Pics '05

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  1. shes so hot..... your date is kinda cute too.
  2. you look kinda like a nerd.....i don't want to associate myself with you anymore :D
  3. BTW-i'll make fun of you more later....i gotta like, um.....make out with hot girls right now :rolleyes:
  4. maybe i am a nerd i dont know, screw you guys
  5. Man, girls with red eyes creep me out... :eek: RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! BTW, you look much better with a haircut. Your avatar isn't very flattering. :D
  6. Sweet fireplace :drool:
  7. you know who you remind me of??

    some kid i used to beat the crap out of in jr. high....his name was like Matt Jarvis or something......he looks JUST like you....weird :shrug:
  8. God I would have gotten so much sweet poon pie if I had a car, let alone a mustang in HS. :nonono: :bs:

  9. like me :D
  10. ive had my stang for a while and im 18. dont think its working. :shrug:
  11. :owned:

  12. works for me :D

    maybe im just that good :shrug:
  13. haha, having a nice car helps :D like i need it...
  14. cute chick man... i hope you had a good prom experience.

    and there's nothin wrong with bein a nerd.

    i'm a friggin nerd!
    total nerd man...
    and i still bang hot chicks :D

    well, used to bang many hot chicks
    ... now i only have one chick.
    but she's hot so... i guess...

    ****... i don't know where i'm goin with this

    nice car
  15. Well u still need to be a non-dork. I got trim, but it was damn hard to court a hot chic when u were a broke ass and all the jocks had t-birds that their parents bought them.
  16. Right on man. She's almost as hot as the stang too!
  17. I didn't give a sh** during my senior year in H.S. and waited till about 2 weeks before prom to decide to go, then found out this hot girl I barely knew didn't have a date. I walked up to her after school in the parking lot one day, asked, and she said yes! The looks on my friends' faces were priceless. That was also the year that I borrowed an 02 white GT from my sister's b/f to drive to prom.

    The thing is, once you get out of h.s. nobody gives a sh** about who was popular. Hell, a few of the my friends ended up not goin to college and got girls pregnant, so yea, now one is workin at a steel mill (just got laid off), they're havin a hell of a time huh.

    I don't know where I was trying to go with this post, but I think it was to say who gives a sh** about being popular in h.s., I wasted alot of time with it. I bet some of the "dorks" that we didn't like in h.s. are probably at harvard or M.I.T. and will make way more than alot of my graduating class combined.

    BTW I realize you were jokin about him bein a dork lol
  18. Cute date. You pull off the tux well. Look like an untouchables gangster. Pose with a Tommy Gun and no one will F*** with you.