Prom Pics '05

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  1. If you grew your hair out you would look just like the guy in your avatar.

  2. Hell I hang out with a lot of the guys I used to make fun of in HS. Those years were fun and weird all at the same time. They sure did fly by though. I wish I were back in HS. :nonono:
  3. Damn you guys are making me feel old. My prom was... umm... 10yrs ago! DOH!

    I had a great highschool experience, I was a popular kid. I missed being homecoming king by one vote! My buddy that won and I still laugh about it. I will tell all you guys this, college was by far the best time of my life, and just about everyone I know says the same thing. Just about nothing from high school matters after you are out, and you will look back in a realtively short amount of time when your out and realize that. I wouldn't have done anything different when I was that age as I had a great experience, but better things are yet to come for you all! My biggest suggestion is to GO AWAY TO COLLEGE. Don't stay at home and go to the local school if you can. You will grow and experience SO much more when you are away from your "normal" environment and out on your own. I don't know if anyone has seen "Avenue Q" but its one of the funniest things I have ever seen and there is a classic song in it that's called "I wish I could go back to college" and MAN are the words true!
  4. katie's a pretty cute girl man....hope you had a good time..... :banana:
  5. Well dude cool pics. hope you had a good prom experience. I'm starting to feel old like paul and im only 22 lol. I know I have several times hell I was still going to proms when I was like 20 and had already been out of school for two years. If I remember correctly I have been to 5 of them. All different schools including mine. Those are some times you never forget. Enjoy!
  6. Hope you had fun...... my sister and I both went to all 4 proms. My dad hated the usually costs him big bucks lol, especially since we both went to 4 instead of just junior and senior proms.

    Hair, nails, dress, accessories, purses, pictures... etc :p

    I agree with 95riosnake. I wasted so much time with all the popularity ****. I was so mean to people not in the "cool" crowd too. As I look back, what an idiot and a waste of time! :notnice:
  7. Napoleon Dynamite was more popular in school than I was :sad:
  8. i will post my prom pics in a few weeks its on june 4th.. im getting a h2 limo then after prom im busting out the mustang :D
  9. I'd hit it! Your date not you Matt lol Yeah hope you had fun my prom sucked ass. It was suppose to be on a boat then like a week before the prom the company that had the boat went out of business so we ended up going to some **** hole that was to damn small for all of us the dance floor was like a 20x20 square. At least my gf at the time prom was cool and she didn't have to pay as much for hers
  10. 4 proms, u guys are crazy... we weren't even allowed to go to prom until ur a junior, i went to senior and 1 after i graduated... funny how that worked out

    dude, you look young (and i'm only 19- difference btw hs and college)... nice job getting the stang and that girl, she's cute, just got to teach her to look toward the camera when taking pics
  11. HAHA yea i have no facial hair, i'll be 18 in november. those pictures werent very good, she looks better in person :D thanks for the compliments, as for prom, she's a sophomore, and will be May 29. Prom kinda sucks, but was kinda fun.
  12. Did ya hit it!?!?!?! She was cute, hope you had FUN!
  13. we weren't either unless you were invited by a junior or senior :D
  14. Here ya go:

    My date and I are on the left, Right is Cameron (SvT Focus) and both of our dates are named Christy(easy right?)\
    The gang

    My ride , 03 BMW M3, paddleshift + smg tranny =yay

    Whoopsy, no one was supposed to see this one
  15. wow dude.....ur date is ****in hot as'd you manage that one??? :rlaugh:
  16. WOW their HOT thats all i needed to see i'm done :p lol JK
  17. Are you calling me ugly????
  18. Cameron's date looks hotter :D

  19. yea she's what? :shrug:
  20. damn my prom is in 3 weeks, i just realized that my car may not be running by then...****... my friends i guess rented a h2 limo , im driving my car alone if it runs, if go in that im going to drive that **** off when the driver isnt looking and go mud bogging in the stretched hummer (are the limo's still 4 wheel drive?)