Prom Pics '05

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  1. haha

    kyle you get poon when your cousin doesnt count ! booth someone needs to confront you on all the lies you tell on this board and my friend that'll be me
  2. Awww one chick doesn't have a date. :( You should have sent me a PM bro!!! :nonono:
  3. looks like fun, i didnt go to my senior prom, kinda regret it now, gf at the time was a bbbbbbbb**** and i didnt wanna spend the money
  4. yea dude my junior prom is on thursday, but im not goig for a few reasons.....#1 its soooo ****in expensive....its $175 for the tickets, and of course your not gonna make the girl pay, so thats on you, plus a lil over $100 for a tux, a lot for the limo, and whatever i'd do after.....#2 i dont have a gf right now, so thats pretty expensive to be taking a friend........anyone else agree?

  5. yeah beings you would have to pay the girl to go with you :rlaugh:

  6. he tried to pay me to go with him...WTF :shrug: :shrug:
  7. ooooooooooooooooo disssssssssssssssssssssss :rlaugh:
  8. LOL I made a funny ha ha

    Hey seen your thread that your gonna fix the car glad your gonna get it worked out
  9. thanks buddy....i bring the car to the shop tomorrow, and i hope to get it back in a week or so..............good luck with amanda....i know i need some....... :(