Promotion G Force T5 , Quick Time Bell, Steeda shifter, Fidanza Alum Flywheel

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  1. Promotion G force T5 sycro street friendly

    ProMotion MUSTANG/CAMARO/FORD/GM Performance Manual Transmissions/Clutches FL

    Hi rev 500 hp clutch and pressure plate bought from promotion as well

    Quick time Bellhousing

    Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel 28 oz.

    Steeda tri ax shifter

    all new was 3500.00 or so I have receipt for tranny clutch. and shifter bought bell and flywheel and cable and firewall adjuster from summit

    Would like to find someone to trade with in the same situation wanting a great 5 speed.
    less than 10 tanks of gas in my car and 20-30 runs on some drag radials . drive to and from the track . Everything is in Great Condition.

    Bought this setup to go behind my 347 and miss my automatic.:nonono:
    would like to trade someone for a performance automatic with everything to swap braided lines cooler and shifter, bellhousing sfi., 28oz flex plate sfi, converter , transbrake everything to do a complete swap.

    Might trade for the right glide setup as well.

    May sell as well 2500.00$$
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.