Proof That GM is losing customers

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  1. Bring back USA style

    Too bad there is still nothing that looks interesting. No new USA style. We have the Cadillac chisle look, which is, ummm, let's say different, but to me looks too much like a truck. Come to think of it, it is now a truck division. The new Chevy's look like Japanese clones. I see they have one which will look indentical to the Civic. If I want a Civic, I'd by one made by Honda. While quality control is up, I seriously doubt long term product satisfaction will equal the Japanese cars. That said, it is close enough that people would switch back to USA cars if they had something interesting to buy. As far as RWD, you have a Holden badged as a Pontiac GTO, big deal - over priced anyway. I like the C5 Corvette. The only thing hot at Chevy. For an American car revolution, it looks pretty grim so far. I'd take a 1968 Camaro, Corvair, Nova, or Malibu SS over any of the current offerings. I think the new Mustang will be a hit. As for Japanese styled cars, personally I think the Celica GT is pretty cool and gets great gas mileage. The GM Solstic could be a hit. DamlierChrysler will have some interesting cars coming out within the next three years. Now there is a revolution! With USA new car prices getting into BMW price range, maybe it is time to consider BMW?
  2. Yes if a Chevy cost's as much as a BMW, well I get the BMW. But I don't think that'll happen.
  3. $30k

    BMW start at under $30k - I think I spotted some around $27k on sale at Seaside , CA . I took a quick drive through there on a trip up to Laguna Seca.
    Best Chevy deal is a used C5 or Camaro SS. I imagine the insurance is very high on the Camaro SS. Actually, I like the V6 3800 engine too. Wish they would bring back a trimmer sized, like the '67 Camaro, car. Anway, by the time you get a fancy Chevy, you could by a starter BMW. With the US dollar suffering against the Euro, it is hard to believe the BMW has any car under $30k, but they seem to. I think the Mustang selling between 15k for v6 and 20-26k for GTs is a pretty good deal. Parts and unkeep would be less than a BMW. One of the strangest moves was from the Z3 to the Z4 styling. Some strange days at BMW too! Did they hire some stylist from Pontiac?
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  4. A lot of the good chevys do cost as much or more than the BWM (at least in Canada) CTS base price is in the mid $40s CTS V is at $70k I can get a BWM 325i for mid $40 I have now idea about a M3 never priced it out. I told GM off in a registered letter to the president sent last week. My biggest complaint to them was the insane prices they put on their vehicles such as the SSR. it's $70k here and that is overpriced by $15k compared to the price in the US. I am getting an 05 Mustang and I have owned GM only for 25 years.

    On the weekend I saw 2 new Merceres cars as cheap as a loaded Impala or Monet Carlo at the 05 Mustang though :(
  5. m3's start in the mid $70k range in canada.
  6. Here in the US a BMW 3 series and CTS cost about the same, but the CTS has a 260HP V6 and the 325 has a 184HP 6 cyl. Plus the CTS is closer in size to a 5 series, the back seat in the 3 series is too small. CTSv and M3 cost about the same, but you get M5 levels of power. CTSv is a better value. That is one think the American makes have always been great at, giving bang for the buck performance.

    Sorry to hear about the Canadian pricing :(
  7. I hope Ford keeps the proper exchange rate difference, otherwise, I don't know what I will do. I think they will, they have in the past.

    They had a CTS-V at the show also the XLR. If I had that kind of money the XLR would be in my driveway...WOW is about the only word that comes to mind. It's $110k in Canada. I was so hoping to see a 05 Mustang, but I knew before going that there was not going to be one. They also had a Lighting Rod was wicked looking :nice: Small city, majority of the cool new cars almost never make it to our show unless they are already available at dealers.
  8. One of my favorite cars in recent times is the LS1 F-Body. The Camaro's are sweet looking rides, and the WS-6 TA's are insane. I'm seriously considering a 2002 SS with 16,xxx miles on it for $18K that I's awesome. Oh to be able to afford it right now.....but I can only hope and pray that they bring it back in '07.
  9. Funny you should say that. I priced out comparable mustang GT's on fords US and Canadian websites. The US model was a GT premium, the canadian model was a GT (no "premium" or "deluxe" in canada) with leather and sound system upgrades to give it parity. At the current exchange rate, the car was about US$1200 cheaper in Canada!

    I need to think about this some more...
  10. likes that. You have to think, because of the dollar fluxuation they have to pick a figure. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. When I bought my last new vehicle which is now for sale to make space for the 05 Mustang (an S10 Xtreme truck, I paid about $34k (with all the aftermaket extras and tax included) out the door, compared it to US pricing then and I got a deal by comparison, but with the rate now, I would have paid more. When I bought it our dollar was worth only $.65 now it's worth $.75.
  11. I've got a buddy that works for ford credit in canada, so I can benefit from his coorporate discount. I just need to meet with a customs lawyer to find out what it takes to bring a car across. I'm pretty sure that if the car is built in the U.S. or Canada, you can buy the thing new in either country and bring it over the border with no duty. I'm pretty sure that vehicle safety and emmisions standards are the same in both countries so I don't see any obvious problems. We'll see.
  12. I think they are the same too. They use the metric system up there and I don't know if that would be and issue.
  13. Your speedo would be in kilometers instead of miles. My current one is like that. People freak out when they see it because it goes to 220.
  14. The only thing you will need to pay in the state tax rate to the value of the car...I looked into that before. It is duty free. One big diff is like a situation like the Chevy SSR, warranty is void if a US SSR is sold in Canada mostly because of the huge price difference (over $15k). They are trying to deter people for doing that. A couple years ago it was the Escallade going south, the price worked out much cheaper to buy in Canada because our dollar was so low then.

    Something to keep in mind though if you buy Canadian and you live in the US...we have kilometers, not miles and the odometer is set that way. You can see the speed difference because both are shown on the speedo but the odometer mileage will seem to grow a lot faster. 1.6 kilometers = 1 mile. Other than that I believe than 99% of the car is the same.
  15. If you friend buys a car under A plan - his employee discount - and then immediately sells the car to you he is breaking the Ford rules and could face dicipline.

    If he is going to give you a PIN to buy the car under X - plan (Ford friends & family + suppliers) you may be able to buy the car in the US.
  16. Ron, y'think Daimler is gonna bring back Plymouth?? BTW...none of those cars came close to Camaro, Mustang & 'Bird. That's why they died.
  17. Drove a Lightning, it's nice and GM hasn't made anything to compete against it (losers). I had to laugh though because the guy who owns it also was a huge GM fan. The part that made me laugh was the comment about the lack of auto headlights. He said "for this kind of money you would think it would have auto headlights like my 91 Olds's not new technology. I am finding it hard to get used to needing to turn them on or off." I only found out yesterday that Ford didn't have this cheap feature in all it's cars/trucks. It 1 less switch and replaced by a light sensitive diode.
  18. Wait until the NYC autoshow this April. ;)

    I was actually thinking of getting a Lightning last summer. Some times I wish I did, I want to get a boat or jet ski this summer and need a tow vehicle, the Cobra isn't going to cut it:( Looks like I'll just have to buy a beater truck.
  19. I doubt they'll bring Plymouth back..

    Regarding your second statement, want to read about how much they had to handicap the Charger for the filming of Bullitt? Ever wonder why the Charger had those silly skinny tires with hubcaps?

    "we took both cars out and went playing around with them over by Griffith Park (near Los Angeles). The Dodge, which was practically stock, just left the Mustang like you wouldn't believe." Ron Riner has similar recollections. "The Charger ran rings around the Mustang. We trimmed the tires down (on the Charger), we practically made them down to bicycle tires to try and handicap Hickman"
  20. That is what Iw as thinking!They cannot bring back the CAMARO,but they can bring back (basically) the same car w/a different name.Ever since GM stopped profuction of Camaros and Firebirds many people have flocked to Mustangs.GM is reeling in the fact that theya re losing customers to Ford.