Proof That GM is losing customers

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  1. If they can't use the Camaro name maybe they could call it "Camero", 50% of non-muscle car fans woun't know the difference anyways.
  2. Go Camo!

    Or call it Camo ! Although you may not be able to find your car once parked?
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  3. I didn't say they weren't faster. But overall, they weren't the solid, all-around cars the Mustang, Camaro and Firebird always have been. They didn't hold up to hard driving, and had the legendary Chrysler (lack of) quality. Chrysler's hemi is and was great - the slant six was darn near bulletproof, but the rest of their cars and parts stank. Now the trucks are a different matter.....
  4. Where are you getting your information? The 383 and 440 are known for being bulletproof. And my car has held up quite well to 39 years of abuse.
  5. I'm sure the Camaro will be back eventually.
  6. :rlaugh: :lol: No offense, but you must have have had a 2nd or 3rd gen fbody to think that stepping up to a 225hp mustang GT was the way to go. Two guys I used to work with had a nice green 98GT auto and a 98GT M5 blk. They were slow and the auto had the two tone tan/black interior :puke: Both cars have the shifters sitting on top of the radio, practically smack your knuckles against the radio when you grab for the shifter.

    No offense...
  7. :stick: Just to remind you...4th gen camaros aren't the only ones that could outrun the Mustang....there were some 3rd gens that weren't exactly slow...most were dogs ....but not all.... :owned: '85 305 TPI was rated 215HP with a few "adjustments" it could run with most of the street machines out there...the later 350 TPI's were even better....2nd gen....there were some big blocks in that crowd that would give anything a run for the money....same thing for 1st gens....
  8. When Ford introduced the All-Asian Mustang in 1994 instead of an All-American Mustang, I was very disappointed. Later, I noticed that Asians didn't like the '94 Mustang either. The 4.6L engine was weak, and they still didn't like the American V8? GM may not be producing any F-bodies, but for me Mustangs have died a long time ago.

    I noticed that C5s are not expensive when used. I know very little about GM cars, so I don't know what this means. Are they still reliable when used?

    And yes, there are other cars to consider, like BMWs, etc.
    As long as all cars don't look alike, we will have freedom of choice.
  9. What is an All-Asian Mustang you spoke of???

    Please explain what the heck an All Asian Mustang is! That year was an excellent advance in style and a more ridged body on the 'Stang. If you need more power for the track, the 5.0, 1994-95, can be modified to your racing satisfaction. The 4.6 which arrived in 1996 was lower on HP than current models, but so what. Buy a 260 or 305HP one now, or wait for 2005 and get the 300HP in the GT version. As far as Corvettes go, look for one that had one good happy owner that looked after her, and it should be a good car. Plenty of style, HP, and good gas mileage on the freeway. The interior could be richer looking and more durable, but that is something shared with Ford and GM. Overall, Mustang, Camaro, or a Corvette are great cars for what they are. A Corvette, is twice the price, so sure it will be faster, and corner better. You can come closer with a Mustang Cobra, but the price gets closer too. Everyone has a different view of what is a beauty of a car. For the 'Stang, I do like the '67-'69, the '70 somewhat but a bit a large size, and then the redo as '94. I owned a '65 and '85, which are OK, but not my favorites. The current one is interesting in some ways, and is attactive enough rate high with me. Just not better, in my view, than the '94. If I ever get a Corvette, I think I will go with the C5 --- not sure about the C6. Heck, not even sure I could afford the tires on a 'Vette ;) LOREN
  10. What I think he means about 1994 being the year of the Asian Mustangs is that the new Mustang body style looked just like some of the other Asian imports that were on the road at that time. For example, the Mitsubishi Eclipse and the 1994 Mustang body style looked almost the same. The body style of the Mustang in 94 was rounded looking and it resembled the Eclipse. The 99-04 Mustang body style is nicer looking. It isn't as rounded as the 94-98 Mustang body style.
  11. Well if that is the case. I must add that Japanese styling was leaning towards the rounded European look in those years, which was a good thing. From England to Itay, beautiful styles over the years which are rounded, and not chiseled looking. Keep the chisel at Cadillac, I'll take the '94 Mustang style any day. That said, the newer ones are OK, as they did not get too carried away. The flat sided doors never made any sense to me. Japan was on course for styling in the early 1990's and may get off course with the new Godzilla styling. The rear wheel drive, classic long hood, and short rear deck, and other styling cues are the main ones of Mustang. The Probe was front wheel drive and never made it. I think if GM brought back the 1st generation Camaro, it would be an instant hit and would sell like the 'Stang. Unfortunatly, Chevy is going downhill, with only the C5 looking interesting to me. GM has a couple new sports cars coming out later one, that might look interesting. Ford is on the mark with the updated 'Stang. The Pontiac GTO should really not be rebadged. It is pretty good Aussie car, but over priced. Just sell it for what it is. It is not a Pontiac and not a GTO.

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