Drivetrain Proper Driveshaft Length For 03-04 Cobra T56 Transmission/shop Advice


Apr 12, 2005

I've been researching the T56 swap I'm piecing together for my auto 5.0 '92 and have been unable to get a clear answer on this. What is the proper length driveshaft to use for an 03-04 Cobra T56? I've narrowed it down to shortening a foxbody-spec driveshaft by 1.5 or 2". Does anybody know with 100% certainty?

I talked to D&D and while they'll give me a part number for their $650 custom piece, they couldn't tell me the length. I'm sure that's a great piece but it's overkill for my setup.

I got a decent deal on a barely used 28 spline FRPP aluminum driveshaft and my plan is to find a good shop to shorten and balance it. Any advice on picking a shop? I've heard some horror stories about shortened driveshafts shattering and want to make sure I avoid that mess.

Thanks a lot for your help guys!
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Jason 302

10 Year Member
Aug 9, 2003
Newark, Ohio
I plan on using the stock 03/04 Cobra driveshaft which supposedly is the correct length. If it wasn't at my dads shop I would measure it for you. I'm sure the length is listed somewhere on the interwebs.