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  1. Proper Tuning for a Supercharged 5.0

    i was wondering what kind of gas mileage i should be getting with my current setup (READ SIG FOR DETAILS). i am only getting about 130 to 150 miles to a tank. i know that isnt right. i was also wondering what size pulley i need to run 8-9 pounds of boost. what size injectors should i run at that boost. any help is highly appreciated.

    Thanks, Nick
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    That does sound a bit low on the mileage -- what does "per tank" mean for you? Actual mpg is a better measurement.

  3. I have a 15.8 gallon tank divide that by about 140 and i get about 8.8 mpg. i am not sure what size injectors i am running but I think they are 36#. what size should i be running if i am only at 4-6 pounds of boost.
  4. It is really hard to determine "good" MPG if you are driving the car in town all the time, especially if you are constantly punching it. I get about 22-25mpg with mine on the interstate and about 15-18 in city when I just drive normally. If you just have a few bolt-ons and a blower then you could really get by with just the stock 19s or even 24s. The 36s with an FMU is really overkill. Most likely you are running extremely rich. If you dont plan any future mods I would install 24s and run a small FMU disk. I good dyno tune would really help your MPG and power.
  5. I'm guessing you don't run it out of gas before each fillup :rolleyes:. If you fill it up when it hits a quarter tank (the right thing to do), then you're not putting in anywhere near 15.8 gallons for each fillup. That's why I asked what MPG you're actually getting. Only you can determine that.

    Anyhow. I get around 19 mpg in the city and 23 on the highway. A blower will take a little power to run even when it's not boosting, so you can expect to lose a little from that -- but I would expect you to be getting 15+ even with a conservative tune. 36's are overkill but you shouldn't get significantly worse mileage with them even so.

    Have you done the standard tune-up items?
    1. Cap/rotor, wires (if necessary), and plugs
    2. Clean MAF
    3. Clean IAC
    4. O2 sensors -- replace if old, check for fouling otherwise, torch as necessary
    5. Pull codes to see if the EEC has anything useful to say

  6. come on guys i need some help