Pro's Pics Finnaly

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  1. What's the thing going into the PVC on your intake pic?
  2. air temp sensor?
  3. Sorry to get back so late, but was out of town this weekend :) I will see if I can answer this right.
    (Take in mind also that this is on my 93' N/A 2.3L. I have not converted my SVO to a newer EEC which will use a ACT sensor also)

    On one end is the MAF (Mass Air) sensor, attacked where the blue hose is located at and the other end where it plugs into the fender is a K&N filter (you really cant see). Now on top of the PVC elbow is a black plug sensor looking deal with a wire attacking to it, that is a ACT sesor (Air C Temp) . Not sure when they started the ACT sensors I know the Twin plug heads (90-93 mustangs) use them as well as the 87-88' TC's. The ACT is located on the 90-93 mustangs air box and the 87-88' TC's lower intake.

    I hope that helps you out. If not let me know. :nice:

    P.S. There is a great thread which I used to make my CAI on stangney under tech articles I think. It shows pic by pic on making a CAI for older 2.3L or DP 2.3Ls like mine.