Proud New Stang owner!!

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  1. Well I finally found myself a stang and I'm stoked about it! I originally wanted a GT but my friends down at the ol' insurance company swayed my decision :p
    But anyway I just got an 02 and I'm loving it! Can't leave it alone..he he! There are several things I want to do to it, but would like to hear from other stang owners, what kind of things to do, not do...both performance and cosmetics...I can see where all my spare cash will be going already :shrug:

    First things I want to change, I think it needs a spoiler....want to tint the windows, and I'm thinking I would like the black stang decal that goes along the body of the car....whatta ya think?

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  2. Performance first, the car looks good as it is for now.

    True Dual Exhaust ($200 and up)
    Gears/T-Lok ($500 and up)

    Is it auto or standard?

    BTW congratulations!
  3. Congrads on the stang. First of all, you should wait before you do anything. Look around and see all the things that you can do to your stang. Don't jump right into it, because once you do your mods, they're proboly are going to stay with your stang.
  4. (inexpensive rims)

    Those should help you out a little and if you need more let me/us know. Congrats on the buy and have fun. As for starters i'd go with....

    T-lok (spins both wheels, rather than just the right rear)
    Rear-end gears (a taller gear ration will give you better exceleration)
    Pulleys (smaller diamater and lighter pulleys will free up HP used by the electronics)
    Dual Exhauts ( better looking, better sounding, a few HP oh, and it looks/sounds good too)
    Intake (worth about 4-10 rwhp (depending) and a cleaner looking engine bay)

    Cosmetics... that's about you. Whatever you like, i'd say go for it. :D That should be good for now.
  5. Please, no rice tail lights(those azzalies or however they'll spelled).
  6. Azzallies is a flower.... azealia.

    It's alteza lights, those are the rice lights. 2 pts for effort though.
  7. Sorry, I don't have my rice lingo down. I can still spell CIVIC just
  8. Congrats on the new stang! Glad to see another proud new stang owner.
  9. Theze are them

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  10. ^ :notnice: :nonono:

    Thats ashame, especially if thats actually a Mach 1.
  11. No, it'z a poser
  12. Good other wise i'd have to slap that guy... but whatever if they like it.
  13. If you have the cash, get true duals before you get anything else. 3.8's sound good with true duals. No other mod gives you improved looks, sound, performance, and a slight increase on mpg.

    If you get altezza's, or even admit to likeing them, please leave. :D

    Wellcome and congrats on the new car. Feel free to ask any question, even if it sounds stupid. Everyone was a newbie at one point.

    :flag: :cheers:
  14. I like altezzas, but not on Civics
  15. :shrug: They're ok, but ONLY on real euro cars, VW's, Audis, BMWs, etc.

    American Muscle :notnice:
    Japaneese power :notnice:
    Trucks :notnice:
  16. Oh I forgot...its a manual! I've had an auto for the last 10 years so this is just a kick to drive :D
    Personally I don't like the looks of the lights..but to each his/her own ;) Sooo...can I stick around here then?
  17. Good, the altezza/ricer digression is put to rest.

    If you don't already have one, get a short-throw shifter, such as a Steeda Tri-Ax or MGW. Not a lot of cash (at least for the Tri-Ax) for a very good mod. As cash becomes available, do everything listed by worked v6 in post #4.
  18. And who posted #4 *cough* *cough* :D

    ...I had a whole thread on that stuff around here somewhere, it'll pop up somewhere.
  19. Yeah you can stick around if you want.
    Fridays are Hawian shirt day, so feel free to wear one and Mondays the new TPS reports are due.