"PS" is no more. :(

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  1. I have decided to not continue working on project sleeper and concentrate more on my Formula AFA mods are concerned. It wasn't easy coming to this decision but due to work contraints and lack of use of my Pontiac I needed to slim down the fleet of cars I own so the granada has to go.

    I have placed ads in local MB's here in Toronto advertising the sale of my 408W engine and C4 trans, they are listed here:



    Both ads are under the classified sections, since most of you reside in the US I'm not sure if it is beneficial for any of you to consider the ads if you were in the market for something like an engine but if you know someone interested and location isn't an issue please let them know. I also listed the ad here in classic classifies, you can go there to see the ad instead of clicking on the 2 above links

    Once the engine and trans are sold I will piece out the rest of the car, there are LOTS of items avail from my granada that will be sold after the engine and trans are gone. I will make the list of parts avail. when I am at that stage. Thanks.