PST good bad or ugly???

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  1. I just bought a 67 coupe and the front suspension needs some work...I was looking at the kit from PST that's on the back page of every car mag ever and also looking at the kit from mustangs plus that comes with botht the upper and lower control arms...I'm doing the install my self so exact fit is a big factor. Much more of a factor than money...Let me know what kind of luck you've had..Thanks...
  2. :nice: I went with the kit in black poly, with springs and perches.
    All parts were a sweet bolt in fit without using a BFH.
    no complaints or squeeks.
  3. From PST?
  4. Yep, Have done the 68 cougar too.
  5. PST sells there kit as polygraphite, which is a fancy name for rubber. I would try to find a polyurathane kit. I installed a kit from PST about 5 years ago and they need to be replaced now.

    just my .02 cent
  6. I did thePST front end kit on mine about 8 years ago. It's still good.
  7. :nono: This is absolutely not correct... PST's stuff is graphite impregnated polyurethane, thus the name polygraphite. They claim the graphite functions to eliminate the usual squeaking of polyurethane, which it does seem to do.

    I installed PST's polygraphite front suspension kit on my Mach in 1990, and proceeded to drive the car daily until '94ish, putting over 30k miles on it during that time. And recently when restoring the car, I was going to rebuild the suspension with PST's kit again. But when we pulled the suspension apart, none of the old PST stuff needed to be replaced. Everything was still in really good shape, with very minimal wear. We ended up using all of it again.

    Overall, the PST bushings were probably made the biggest difference in the handling of the car and feel tight and firm. I recommend it.
  8. :lol: I agree with DarkB, Have 35k on the cougar sence 96 and not one problem. Hadles great and no squeeks.
  9. DarkBuddha. Please go back and reread the PST web site. It does not say that it is polyurathane injected with graphite. It just states a bushing injected with graphite the has polyurathane like characteristics. I'm just stating the problems that I have had on my car. I think it great that other people have had good luck with them. In my case I switch to polyurathane bushings and have gotten better handling from my cars. If anyone has any questions about my coments on this subject be go to
  10. the pst website also says they carry a 20 year warranty, so your still covered....
  11. As I recall, PST informed me that the bushings were polyurethane based. That said, you are correct that the website does not indicate that they are indeed polyurethane, but nor does it indicate that they are rubber as you said. From the PST site:
    BTW, they've up'd their warranty too... Lifetime!!! Check it: :nice:
  12. :doh: Dam, If I knew that they were that bad, :bang: :bang:
    :bang: :bang: :bang: Did I Put a Complete Frontend from Them.
  13. :doh: Dam, If I knew that they were that bad, :bang: :bang:
    :bang: :bang: :bang: Did I Put a Complete Frontend from Them on My Mach1.
  14. PST does also make rebuild kits with the rubber bushings for the people that don't want the harshness of the polyurethane. Maybe that's what you were thinking of. :shrug:
  15. I have put three years of hard miles and commuting on my 67 with a pst front end kit. works wonderful and drives better then new.
    no way this stuff is your trypical "rubber". rubber deflects waaay to much for this control.
    now the only two bushings I haven't replaced, squeek like hell. :bang:
  16. PST kits

    We've been selling these kits for about 5 years now...

    However, they have a rubber line and a polyurethane line. The polyurethane is just a fancy trademarked name for graphite impregnated urethane. DB is correct!

    The kits are a great price alternative and are inclusive. As a distributor, I have personally found their CS department difficult to work with at times even though they offer a good warranty on the front side.

    Their control arms are imported so the integrity of the metal is fair. It's relative to the cost...

    Even though they are graphite impregnated, you still need to grease the contact points on install or they will squeak. I suggest a silicone based grease...
  17. I am putting the Mustangs Plus kit in my 67. I have not finished yet, but everything seems to be of high quality and the price was right. They will help you stay in a budget.
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  19. Easy or you'll have a banna split.

    Yea I checked the recipet on mine and it's the graphphite impregnated one.
    :nice: And No squeeks at all.