Ptk Turbo Install Complete

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  1. I would have to say that if I had a lift it would have went a lot smoother and oh yeah a saw to cut the damn hole in the fender. It took me about 10 hours total time to install it with just some simple directions.


    It's a well designed kit and the quality IMO is very nice. I'm impressed with it very much and don't know why I didn't do this sooner.
    I bought it used but in excellent shape and WOW is all I can say everytime I drive it.
    It might just be me but I swear also that the front feels a lot stiffer with it (exhaust) all tied together in the front.


    I pulled off my chrome alternator b/c of the heat next to it now and I'm going to polish the hell out of this baby. I just wanted to get it installed first then tune all the bugs out.
    I'm prob going to paint the cold side piping colorshift or powdercoat it blue.


    Of course the IC will be polished soon also. :D

    I will be ready to start on my project 357 soon and this kit should be right at home on the new motor.
  2. finally! keep them coming ...
  3. BTW I give a lot of respect to you DIY guys b/c this would be a PITA to bend, weld, measure and test fit all those frigg'n pipes. I had to ajust them several times to get them to fit under the nose and this was already made specific. I could not imagine trying to fab one of these together by hand, so RESPECT to all you DIY turbo designers/engineers. :nice:
  4. time to start polishing again, haha
  5. MMMMMmmm....turbo!! Looks great!

  6. did you get a tune for that sucker? damn
  7. So what company is that from? Where did you buy it and for how much?(if you don't mind) What are your plans for the tune? Thanks.
  8. For the love of god JR.....sell me your supercharger will ya
  9. you have way to much time/money to play with
  10. how long did it take ya to get it
  11. yeah you gonna sell the SC?

    How do you think the cobra bumper will be for flow to the intercooler?
  12. Amazing JR. So glad you got it all finished it. It looks awesome. But theres only one problem with the install that I see....

    Not everything is polished before you posted pics. I'm totally saving these pics and bringing them back down the road to make fun of you. haha. Just kidding. Hope to see you over on more often now.

  13. OMG and what is wrong with your battery. Tisk Tisk... haha

  14. The pics aren't working for me, but I'm sure it looks awesome:flag:
  15. I was afraid of this happening. :bang: It means that I will have to work extra hard to get to spec. :flag:

    This kit is from Pro Turbo Kits in San Antonio, TX.
    I bought it off a real nice guy off of TM, Blue95GT (Mike). His plans are having a custom kit fabbed for his car so he sold this one.
    LOL, I decided to get the turbo after reading a thread on here a month ago about turbos. Jeremey hooked me up with the classified about this kit for sale when I replied I wanted a turbo now after reading that turbo thread. It took me a few weeks to get here but to order a new one is like a 6-8 month wait and I have no kind of patience for that so used is fine. He kept it in excellent condition. He was asking I think $3800 when I chimed in plus 1/2 shipping costs. We ended up with $3400 shipped in the end and he was super with the transaction, almost a dream deal! The equivilent to this kit would prob be around $5-6K brand new (Outlaw Kit)from them.

    I've got it tuned pretty well so far with the P.M.S but it's for sale in the next month or so and I'm going with an SCT tune and a damn CAGE for this thing finally. I plan on beating the piss out of this motor and the other long blong I have sitting here from the 93. The 357 I'm hoping to be done this summer and I'm at the mercy of my machinist on that.
    I sold the Vortech already to Chris and the KB went back to it's original owner. I have to say Turbos for me for now on, I AM ADDICTED! :hail2:
  16. Oh I think that with the Stalker front, the intercooler will flow alot better than what it does now b/c it is semi-obstructed. It's air to air so the radiator fan draws in a good amount to the intercooler.
  17. God I hate you lol it looks awesome you amaze me every time you start a project. Your becomeing just as bad as oink switching combo's every other month lol.
  18. Wow!

    If I only had enough money!

    Are you worried about running into fitment issues with a wider 351 block in there or do you think everything will fit?