Pulled a Manufacturer Plated Shelby Over...

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  1. Im just outside of detroit so i see manuf. plates all the time, but i had no clue i would see this one. I was getting on the free way friday morning and i saw a black convertable Shelby. This thing was amazing. I quickly got along side of it, and damn near begged the driver to pull over. We got off at the next exit and turned on a side street where, he let me look at the thing. Let me tell you...Amazing. Popped the hood for me, this thing was gorgeous. Soudns awesome too. He told me when they dyno'd them recentley they took three. One came in at just over 500hp, the one he was driving had 510hp, and they had another rated at 525hp. Couldnt show me too much cause it was raining out and he was in a hurry. I told him i was going to try to get the 2008 model. He told me if i can wait that long, to just wait till the 2010 they are working on...he told me a few things about it.....:D
  2. so lets here it, what did he say about the 2010?
  3. Essentially he said the 2010 will make the 07 Shelby look like a pony. He said its gonna be crazy fast, totally redesigned body. New Engine and plenty more HP.
  4. Probably the 6.2L Hurricane / Boss engine.

    I pitty those who pay a big markup to buy a 07 or 08 GT-500 thinking that they have the ultimate Mustang. There will always be something better.
  5. Yeah, mark up on these is sick. That manufacturer told me dealerships will make about 15k on them...Disgusting....:bang:
  6. Glad you got to see one up close. I've seen a few but only in passing.
  7. True, but if you lie in waiting you never get to have any fun with today's cars. ;)
  8. I never said anything about waiting.

    My point was that in a few years the GT-500 will no longer be the ultimate Mustang so it doesn't warrant paying a big AMV for one. How many people thought the Cobra R was the end all Mustang and paid insane amounts of money for them. Then a lot of people thought the Terminator was the ultimate Mustang and paid big markups on them when they first came out.
  9. I've been waiting... Hoping for something afforable but more unique than a Mustang GT. I'll have to see what the prices of the GT500's are in 2008 and decide then.
  10. Lets just hope the ever increasing price of fuel and government mandated efficiency increases don’t force Ford to scrap what ever plans he was talking about!
  11. Some would pitty those who are always waiting for something better. If you have the money, what does it matter?... The same situation will be in play when the "something better" comes along.
  12. Exactly! this is the something better!

    If one comes along even better in 3 years, hell get one of them as well. :D
  13. Unless your net worth is >$2m you don't have the money to be throwing it away on AMVs.

    Sorry, but in my book it's really foolish to be throwing $$ away on dealer markups because you're too immature to wait until supply meets demand and the markups go away.

    Put the $20K AMV ammount in your retirement fund, don't throw it away making a dealer rich.