Pulley For My 04 Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by jordans2350, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. I'm currently running a 2.76" upper only with a set of idlers for good measure and I keep hearing nothing but good things about running a 2.93" upper and a 2/4 lb lower... I was wondering if anybody here has either of these set-ups? What kind of numbers are you making? Already have all the cooling upgrades I'll need aside from porting the Eaton so that's no issue. Any input???
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  3. i own an 04 cobra with mac long tubes, catless x pipe, 2.76 upper and 2lb lower, also have accufab mono blade trottle body and my car made 485 rwhp and 545 ft lbs of torque.
  4. do not mess with the lower is my advice...
  5. its fine to mess with the lower pulley but only way u will efficiently be able to put lower pullies bigger than a 2 lb pulley with the 2.76 upper u will need to port the supercharger and get the venom cooler to keep the supercharger running cooler which allows for lower intake temps which means the computer won't pull timing out the car and when that happens you loose power.