Pulling Heads From Explorer

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  1. Chart shows the larger chamber volume of the 96 explorer GT40 heads when compared to the 92 E7's

    Interesting, this chart says my F3ZE-AA's are from 93 Cobra. I wonder if the head I got are not original to the '96 Explorer I took them from.

  2. Believe when i figured mine in the past from milling it .030, it put me in the 54-55cc range with the P's.
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  3. Also believe that put compression at 10:1 from the stock head-stock bottom end compression of 9.2:1 :nice: ....and that was a BIG bump to my Ecam w/ head porting.
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  4. Yes, the smog tube connections. There are a few versions of the GT-40 head. You are correct that that head is found on the 96 explorer and Cobra, but it should be a 94-95 Cobra head. the 1993 Cobra WILL have the thermactor bumps.

    The F3 part number is curious though.

    It doesn't matter for your application. It's more my curiousity and info gathering
  5. So, with no thermactor bumps in the ports, it's a better performance head?

    Looks like the find could not have been better. Would that be a correct statement?
  6. Negligible difference in performance. Only a concern if you are running a stock H-pipe with the 4 cats. The thermactor ports feed O2 to the first pair of cats during engine warm-up to help with the "conversion" process. After they warm up, the ports are closed off.

    Some guys are concerned with that sort of stuff working as it should. Some could care less.