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  1. My friend (you have to forgive him, he has an N2Oed Prelude) suggested a method for cleaning my engine bay. The process he uses is to get the engine to operating temp and leave it running. "Sprinkle" everything down with a light water bath. Then you take a spray bottle of Simple Green and drench the engine and engine bay with it (careful of the fumes, they are a little intense). "Sprinkle" it down with water again, and repeat the Simple Green soaking. Again, "sprinkle" it down with water, then hit it with a vinyl/rubber protectant on the hoses and various plastic pieces, like resivours and such. Never shut the engine off, and drive for 5-10 minutes. Done.

    I have been a little scared of going into my engine compartment with watter after hearing some stories of rough running cars after similar water baths. He finally convinced me to try it tho.

    He cleaned my engine compartment late last week using this process, and I finished cleaning the whole car, inside and out, earlier this morning. I started cleaning it around 2:30 AM. Had an apt security guard come by and give me crap. lol

    That process is so labor unintensive. Wow. It seems to work very well, as well. What do you think?

    Check out the cleanliness of that engine bay (this is a little before I got my FIPK, obviously):



    I need to get my own camara, so I can do my own pics. Oh well.

    I had to share with the few people on earth who would actually care about having a clean engine bay. :nice:

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  2. That looks great. I usually spray mine out with the engine running but I never cleaned it like that. I planned on waxing mine today so I will give that cleaning process a try.
  3. It impressed the hell outa me, that is for sure. It was easy and the results are excellent. I still need to get myself some Simple Green, so I can do it myself in the future. My friend says about every 1 mo, or so.
  4. You werent scared doing it while the engine was running? did you "Sprinkle" absolutly everywhere? Battery, Alternator, ext ext? I tryed doing this on the caddilac we're selling, but i DIDENT run the egine untill after. :( It started rough and it went back to looking the same as it did before i started cleaning :(
  5. I was convinced to do this in the first place because the engine was hot/running at the time. Prevents water from staying where it shoudn't.

    And, yes, batt and alt got the full treatment. This is why it took so long for him to convince me to try this. I'm hooked now, tho. :nice:
  6. I think the key to keeping this process safe is to make sure that your water is a sprinkle and not a heavy shower, with the sprinkle the engine temp should be enough to evaporate the water rapidly and not cause parts to go from extreme heat to cool, which can cause problems.
  7. Well you shouldnt have problems with your battery/aternator because its d/c anyways. If im not mistaken, d/c electricity doesnt conduct through water very well? Hence thats why you can spray water all over your battery and nothing will happen. Anyone else wanna prove/disprove my theory? Im too lazy to look it up! lol
  8. i see... what about heavy greese and oil? my 82 hasent been touched prob since we got it in 83...
  9. I have detailed a boat load of cars and I do basicaly the same thing but I run the veh. till it is warm.. turn it off then do the process of squirting everything down. Spray nine is probably the best with less toxic fumes. But when you are done run your car for a while.... dry it out quick. No standing puddles. :flag:
  10. damn, that looks sweet! will give that method a shot when i wash my car next time.
  11. Yea, mine is pretty new and wasn't in bad shape when I did it. I spent some time on dirt roads a while back, so it looked bad. It wasn't "actually" bad, tho.

    I would just add a session with a plastic bristled scrub brush after soaking with Simple Green the second time.

    No "toxic" fumes with Simple Green. The fumes are sickly sweet, tho. They will make you a little queasy, 'cause it is really sickly sweet.
  12. Its simple. Its green. What more could u ask?
  13. haha
  14. I like it, it kinda matches my car. :shrug:


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  15. Lol..i guess you could say that. You should get a big simple green sticker for your front windshield. That would be funny as hell.

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  16. I'll have to try that on my V6 becuase the engine bay is quite dirty. The GT is clean right now, but it'll probably get that way soon. Im impressed! :nice:
  17. I used this stuff called "Purple Power" it's a clear spray bottle w/ purple liquid. It's toxic as hell though, I gotta cover my face or breathin them fumes might make ya :puke: Works pretty good but I think it removes paint so I gotta keep it off the painted engine bay. I've used simple green and it worked great except when I ran out they didnt have any at autozone. Is simple green safe to use on painted parts like the engine bay?
  18. I did. :nice:
  19. Oh, just an FYI:

    I am in the 13 second club. :banana:

    All that dirt must have been weighing me down. :shrug:

    See below.
  20. Well...i gave it a shot today. had the motor off, but it was hot cause i was just driving around..."sprinkled" it down a bit, sprayed Simple Green all over everything, mostly around the firewall cause it was discusting. I let it sit for a couple of minz and "Sprinkled" off..Sprayed Simple Green again. let it sit, sprayed off...started the car, and took it for a 5 min spin. my belt was skweeking, but stoped before I arrived back home. Got home, no more greese!! but I had tons of white residue!!!!!!


    Thanks alot guys, I'll post pics later..