Purdy engine bay...

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  1. Looks great ! but I am glad I don't live in your appartment complex.... running your engine at 2am.... :D
  2. Ok...did this today. My secret is I followed the instructions of the 1st post. Light water spray, DILUTED Simple Green (about 1 oz. to 7 oz of water). Spray with water and then SG again, and another spray with water all with the engine running. Came out EX-cell-leeent. :nice:
  3. lemme see!! :)
  4. Sprinkle?

    When you guys say sprinkle, do you mean the lowest setting a hose can be set to without shutting off? Spitting out?
  5. Thats how I did it.
  6. How about one of those Orange cleaner degreasers instead of Simple Green.
  7. I've heard gasoline is the best degreaser :D
  8. I'm going to try that next, I tried the Purple Degreeser by Castrol?? I don't remember the brand, but it was the same as Simple Green, same smell and all.
  9. Here's mine...Im currently working on the radiator cover.
  10. I'd forgotten about this thread! I finally finished up my intake project last months.

    More pics and details can be found at my el crapola website...

    Good over-all shot of the engine. Once I finish with all this brake / wheel work I've been doing, I'll clean things up and take some better pics.

    Shot of the new catch-can, painted fan, polished p/s pump, etc.
  11. I just use wheel acid :D Works fantastic.... just dont leave it on too long before rinsing ;) dont think I would recomend it for those of you with polished alum parts though.... Might kill it.
  12. Okay, tried this s/g method and it worked okay on getting grease off, but now theres scaly (like dandruff) stuff on my plastic and rubber parts, i could peel some of it off and scrape it off w/ fingernail. also a light corrosive look on rough aluminum parts. polished aluminum intake cover looks great though. wiped a little pb blaster on alum. parts and that worked good but can't reach all parts. nothing seems to take off scaly stuff. don't think engine ever been cleaned before. Is scaly stuff just a buildup of grease/wax or protectant or what? do i need to let s/g soak longer to get it off? I was thinking spraying cold engine parts with pb blaster, let it soak for a few, then rinse, spray s/g to get off oily residue, rinse again. don't want to use protectant cause it would probably attract dirt. help!
  13. I had this same problem. Then some guy told me to use MAG Cleaner on my aluminum and Its real hard to spray on something and not splash somewhere else. and I got it on some plastic and it bleached stuff :(. Just curious. Did you mix the Simple Green with some water? 1:5 Ratio?
  14. No, i didn't mix it but i didn't let it sit cause i could see it was drying pretty fast. Engine was already wet. I used mag and aluminum cleaner too but in a paste form. Did another dose today but diluted and on cold engine and let it sit and it seemed to take off more of this film. I'm beginning to think that it is just built up grime and i'm gonna give it another dose later or tommorrow.
  15. I used simple green and mine got pretty clean. I didn't have a lot of time to get in there good because I had to get down to the track. Here it is...

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  16. How do you get the images into the post??? :shrug:
  17. Here's mine with the finished Radiator cover, Optima Red top, and chrome alternator.
  18. That white residue on the black plastic over the radiator is what i can't get off. I see it on yours, too.
  19. ive got windshield wiper fluid stains right below the reservoir for it, all blue and makes it look like crap. i have never cleaned my engine before as it makes me insanely nervous lol. but i would love to get that wiper fluid stain cleaned off, still kinda hesitant though. what parts dont u spray simple green on? the guy said he sprayed it on his battery and everything? what shouldnt it get on? i would love to make it look cleaner but need an idiots guide to engine cleaning LOL. help me out please.

  20. I sprayed it over everything but covered the air filter and it didn't really hurt anything but left a slight surface corrosion on rough aluminum parts, used a little mag and aluminum polish to fix that, and white residue film kinda like dandruff on plastic parts. Still trying to fix that. It might be built-up wax/grime etc. cause i don't think it was ever washed before. And, yea, i was real nervous the first time,lol, engine washing virgin. I'm just cautiously experimenting myself, but i'm not gonna experiment with any strong acids or a pressure washer.