Purdy engine bay...

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  1. "engine washing virgin"

    LOL!!!! what kind of protectant were they talking about using after the simple green? i will try this soon, i think i might take off everything throttle body down and just try to clean underneath the air filter cuz its pretty nasty there too. ive also got some nasty black crap underneath my trunk lid that seems impossible to get off, i wonder if this method would work on that too???

  2. Just a rubber protectant thay sell at any autoparts store. It's labeled as such. I think I'm gonna stay away from it cause it'll probably attract dirt and is really a detailing/show sort of thing. I have another post in svt about this and some suggestions are gunk w/ citrus, STEAM (haven't been able to find it yet but suppsedly safe for entire engine except air filter), and i found on other websites and/or threads castrol wheel cleaner and steel wool for alt., "cycle wash" (again safe for everything), mother's back to black for black plastic parts, foaming tire spray for hoses. Hope to try some of these tomorrow so i'll keep you posted. I'm also thinking I'm gonna have to break it down a little to get at it all, i.e. coil wires,air intake and strut tower brace. I thought it was gonna be a simple spray on spray off job. :bs: Anyone know what this STEAM stuff is?
  3. Well I did my '88 after church and it came out great. Got alot of gunk off..After it dryed my air silencer went from black to white coated. I couldnet leave it like that so I then sprayed almost everything in the bay with it (cept for coil and dist.) Whiped it down with a terry towel and it came out GREAT!!! I'm very impressed! Is the tire shine bay for the engine bay paint????

    Also, Cold, why are you scared to pressure wash??
  4. What did you spray "almost everything in the bay..." with? More simple green? Scared to pressure wash cause it might force water into places it shouldn't be. It's one thing to pour water over something, it's another to blast it in there. Tire shine/foaming cleaner for rough aluminum and rubber hoses. Read earlier post. SG worked best on painted parts in bay, its the rough aluminum and plastic/rubber parts i'm having trouble with.
  5. Yeah, i got that same stuff. I don't know what the hell it is. Almost like a rubber coating. Supposed to be there?
  6. I sprayed "almost everything in the bay..." with both Simple Green multiple times and rinsing with a Garden hose. Let dry fully, Then with foaming tire shine and whiped down with terry towel. I did not cover anything, was just careful of coil and dist.
  7. So the tire stuff worked good to get white stuff off air silencer or did it just mask it?
  8. nah it either took it off, or hid it with all the tire lube lol. it did just fine, Ill see if i can shoot a picture tomorow ;)
  9. I bought a can of that gunk degreaser stuff and sprayed it in my engine compartment. I let it sit there for about 5mins, then busted out the pressure washer (covered my air filter of course), blew a bunch of water on my engine and BAM 15mins just like new :). clean clean!
  10. its got to be a mix of dirt and water that gets in there that forms that stuff after it sets, looks like crap though and is super hard to get off. plus the area is soooo small u would probably have to do the whole thing with a toothbrush?!? i dunno, im more concerned with the washer fluid stain than that at this point.

  11. I had the same problem and just used soapy water. But as i was scrubbing the paint started coming off in spots. the previous owners didnt care much about cleaning the trunck i guess. So you might want to clean that crap off asap.

  12. Thanks, will do, just as soon as i get this engine clean.