Push button engine start

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  1. anyone ever install one of these?
  2. never did It myself, someone I know did It for me. what's your question.
  3. how do you like it? what brand did you use? how is it wired? can you get the install instructions? do you have pictures ?
  4. Seems like a step backwards since you will still need a key for ignition on unless it is strictly race. The button would be a momentary-on for the starter. Had one in my first car - stock.
  5. Yeah I know but it sure looks nice in the exotic cars. Just alittle customizing to be alittle different.
  6. UNless you're very creative, it's going to look ghetto.
  7. Sorry It took me so long to answer your question.
    I didn't install It so I really don't know how It's wired and all.
    I found the owner's manual, the name Is
    (COMMANDER model 7000+)
    Four channel remote control security system and remote engine starter
    code learning, code-morphing, new pulse-code valet.

    Whatever the hell the rest of that stuff means you got me.
    all I know, Is when he Installed It he needed the factory key, It's wired under the dash In this secondary Ignition,for the remote starter. Im sure they sell other systems like this, If you can't find this one. It cost me 300 bucks. you still need to use a key when you want to drive, I just put the key In the Ignition while Is running, turn It to the on position and step on the break, then you can put it in drive, If not It will just shut off. you can start It from at least a block a way

    I don't know what would look ghetto about It? as for a step backwards?? all I know Is when It's cold as f*** outside I just start It for a few and jump In a warmed up car.
    all you can see Is the transmitter, I guess that what you call It,.. on top of the windshield, you can't even see it from the outside and you really don't notice it Inside.
    here are two pic's to see for yourself.
    don't know If I helped you at all, but thats all I know about It.
  8. i think the guy asking the question is talking about an actual button inside the car to push to start it, instead of using the key to the start position, not talking about a remote start
  9. well looks like I wrote all that crap for nothing :D
  10. H8

    Thats a nice set up non the less. GTP was correct I was talking about a push button start switch. Thanks for the info anyway. As for my installation, it would look like it was a stock installation. I don't do crappy work. I just won a bid on e-bay for the switch, hopefully I will have time over the holidays to do the install and I will submit some pictures when I'm done.
  11. form what i've heard, you can run wires form both terminals on teh starter solenoid to a momentary switch inside the cabin. turn the key to "ON" and push teh button.
  12. anyone have any pictures of there installed switch :p :flag: :D