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Should I put a push to start button and what color red or black?

  1. Red

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  2. Black

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  3. No way ...To Ricey

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  1. I want you guys and girls opinions on whether a push start button would look cool in our cars.
  2. I got no problem with it. Color doesn't really matter. Whatever you like better.
  3. If you like it then i say, go for it. A black button would be less obvious so that is what i voted for, unless that isnt what you are going for :shrug:
  4. How about an an intermittent toggle like race cars often have?
  5. Whatever "floats you boat". The idea DOES NOT appeal to me.
  6. i'm neither here nor there on the idea, but i think it's your car, and you gotta make it exactly what you want, regardless of what anyone tells you. as to the color...go for whatever seems to blend in better in you car.
  7. i like the "racish" switch to me, but i'm really into the switches, infact i'm yet to see a rice with a start switch or butten. but i would say black.
  8. How about one from an Aussie Ford GT? whenyou switch the key on, the little clear ring lights up red... nice thing it looks to be. Might have a closer look at the one in my Friends dads car....

  9. I did one on the 63 Merc I got sittin in the back yard, but it ain't a button. :D I did it out of neccessity--- no ignition keys :rlaugh: ( they aren't std equipment on $100 cars LOL) :shrug: I rigged a harness from the engine compartment thru the back of the hood, around the windshield and thru the vent window to start and run it, 2 toggle switches, one to start and the other to power the coil. :nice:
  10. When I got my Mustang it already had a cheap ass push button starter in it because the ignition switch was bad. Unfortunately...it's still there. :doh: I haven't really gotten around to ordering a new switch.

    Anyway, I hate the push button.
  11. cloneranger that is nice. The only problem is how in the heck do I get it in the US?
  12. Get him to mail you one. I've shipped stuff from here in the states to Australia several times thru the Post Office.
  13. Push Button Ignition is a cool idea, but isn't practical at all.

    The doors on classics are so easy to break into, your car will be stolen in weeks.

    I wouldn't do it!
  14. With the push start button I will still need the key to turn it on + I probably would need to hack into the dash. That is not an idea I am prepared to do
  15. Seems pointless to me.
  16. I just picked up a pair of chrome buttons from NAPA for my 46 Ford Pickup one for the starter and one for the Horn (the 46 doesn't have a horn button in the wheel.) If your interested I'll get you the part#, or you can go to your local store and thumb threw there Electrical pictorial book.
  17. if the interior is black, go with a red one,, otherwise, go with the black
  18. I agree that unneccessary cutting is a bad idea. Still, the idea has some charm for the guys building, say, Shelby R-Model clones. I've seen a few modified Mustangs with aluminum ("race car look") instrument panels that just cry out for a pushbutton starter switch. It may also be possible to position a pushbutton switch in place of the cigarette lighter, depending on what year model the Mustang happens to be. You might be able to do a "no permanent modification" type installation... which is what you should strive for.

    BTW, there are "no key" ignition switches available from some of the custom hot-rodding parts vendors. Some use a credit-card type "key" (think "hotel room door key") that you slide into an inconspicuous slot (in the side of the console, for example). That effectively switches the ignition circuit to "On", you just have to figure out where to put the momentary-on switch for the "Start" circuit (if using a card key, a pushbutton could simply replace the factory ignition switch in the dash). Or, you could go *way* "retro" and use a foot-actuated start button down on the floor. It *can* be done in a clean, custom, non-destructive way. If done correctly, it could add the look you're thinking about, while actually making the car more difficult for anyone but you to start and drive.
  19. do a search for S2000 start switch. It is the start switch that came stock in the S2000 honda.
  20. Back in the early in nineties my brother in law had a cj5 with a small block Checvy 400 in it. He was bored one day so he added push button start using a keypad.

    He put the 10 key keypad in the ass tray. To start the car, you turned the key to the run posision and then punched in the 4 digit code on the keypad and hit enter to fire up the starter.

    It was 'cool' at the time, but more of a PITA the more I think about it now :banana: