Pusher fan for radiator

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  1. I am looking to install a pusher fan to help to cool my radiator on my 94 GT. I was wondering if anyone has ever done it and had any suggestions for me before I start. I am thinking of installing 2 ten inch fans infront of my radiator. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  2. Are you having problems with cooling?
  3. Yes it will run very hot. It has not overheated but it has gotten close. I was tying not to replace the radiator but I may. It is not the original but it does have a good bit of age on it. It has always since I have had it run on the hot side but it has in the last year or so started to get very high and close to the red. How much more bang for my buck will I get with a double row radiator if I need to go that route?
  4. You may be putting too much faith on the stock gauge. A bad ground might be causing the needle to read higher. Do you have any way of verifying the actual temperature such as an infrared thermometer?
  5. Yeah I would get an aftermarket gauge. I have a turbo setup that gets very very hot and the stock fan does a great job keeping temps in check.
  6. an aluminum rad is going to work better than additional fans. and as stated, the stock gauge isn't worth a china's sweatshop salary. get a better way to measure before saying the engine is overheating. most of us are still using the stock fan without problems.