Pushrod question

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  1. My 91 5.0 has sat for a couple of years while I was deployed. Wanted to get it back into running order. The heads are stock, as is the cam. I bought a rebuild kit for it and got part way thru and got a little frisky. I then bought a F303 cam, had a friend port out the heads (got it done for cheap), and took the heads to a shop and had them decked (.01"). I had a valve job done a few years back with a valve replacement. I bought new springs to go with the new cam. I still have the stock pushrods. The stock length is 6.250" and I plan on getting some new pushrods just to be on the safe side. My question is should I get stock length or a something different?

    P.S. I know I should have gone with GT-40's and got them ported out and that will be in the cards for a future mod. Thanks.
  2. If you only resurfaced the heads then the stock pushrod length should be fine. I would clean the ones that you have and rock em'
  3. Even with the cam change too? I just want to be sure before I button everything back up. Thanks man.
  4. Even with the cam change you will be fine. If you were to change the heads/rockers stuff like that you would need to measure for new ones.
  5. I'll second 84ttop, you should be fine with stock length pushrods
  6. you can shim the pedestals to make up for that little bit of difference. no need for different pushrods with pedestal rockers unless something changes.