Put a new dress on my baby

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  1. I've seen worse but that's pretty damn ricey.
  2. The only thing that I do think looks really ricey is the back bumper. If there was a way I could have changed it to something else I would have, but it drops so low in the back to match the side skirts something else would have looked stupid. Yea, I've seen really rice body kits, theres not many body kits right now, and everyone I know goes for the Saleen, So that one was out. Anyways, I wouldn't try and make my car a fake Saleen anyways.
    I'll remember to post something when I get my kit painted.
  3. I think some of you are overreacting. After it's painted it will look really nice. Please get back to us with some after pics! :D
  4. the thing about that kit is, i dont think the lines match up with the lines on the cobra. like the look of the kit goes against the rest of the car.
  5. Its not really finished but there are some new pics with its spray painted black so it can look a little more decent goin down the road. Anyone else that knows about body kits knows that you just cant put it on and paint it right away. I do have my real job and body kit does take up my whole weekend to to make changes and make things a perfect fit. It prolly wont be completly painted and fitted till the end of this month. At least the flat black gives it a better look..

    Heres the link agiain...
  6. :puke:

    sorry man, im just not feelin it
  7. The bumpers are just far too big for the body. It just plain looks awkward.
  8. it just looks a little wierd on your stang maybe a 99+ stang it would look ok. But it just looks kinda wierd on yours.

    Maybe it will look tons better when it's painted. atleast i hope so.
  9. ummm

    hey bro, its ur car and u do what u want with it. agreeing with everybody else i would hafta say the kit does fall in line with half of the civics in my area, but i do give you alot of respect for standing out...some like it some dont. how much did the kit cost you? where did you get it from? how long have you been looking for a kit. Its very hard to make a stang look both different and hot. It quickly becomes a fine line between differnt and nice and different and tacky. I think the problem with ur front bumper is its too square and complex. the lines on the car are simple and smooth, it probably would have looked nicer in relation to the foxbody but even that is pushing it. Get it painted and see what happens....we might all be suprised. :nonono: