PUT the COFFIN back in the Ground

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  1. I have heard allot of people say great things about the COFFIN MUFFLERS BUT I am not going to be one of those people. I got the muffler and was so excited I installed it at work. With several skeptical on lookers all curios to hear what it would sound like. then the moment of truth I fired it up, at idle it sounded pretty good. But then I went for a spin got out of the lot and gunned it. I am sorry but it has the sound of a wanna be Rice grinder!!! It is a loud muffler and I am all over that but I like to have the deep tone rather then the high wine. keep in mind it is a stock v6 with a single outlet the dual v8s might have a better tone. But if you are in to the American mussel car sound and have a v6 go some where else

    I think I will wait for the V6 flowmaster kit

    have a great one guys!!
  2. flowmaster 40s come with my own reccomendation ;)
  3. ditto on the FM/40s

    This sounds stupid but exhaust has a break in period and the exhaust note will change after that break in period. My Flowmasters sounded less then desirable at first too. (a hellacious amount of drone at lower rpm's) But now that Ive had them a bit they sound beautiful. You can't tell I have a 6 with just your ears anyways.
  4. I have been about 600 miles on it and yes it has changed a little but still sounds like RICE
  5. Part of that Ricer tone is the natural sound of the V6

    I just installed a single GT take-off, and unfortunately there's a bit of that same 'note' in there too ...

    (FWIW / I nearly bought the Coffin right after I took deliver, but after doing some research found out that the GT take-offs are the best value in exhaust for the V6's)

  6. Its not the muffler at all.. You need to install the MagnaFlow XPIPE..

    This is a serious problem around here guys.. We allow people to post things that are not true.. Then passers by accept them to be fact...

    Listen up..

    The 2005 Mustang V6 will sound like rice, unless you first install either an XPIPE or H-PIPE.. This must be done no matter which mufflers are used.. The deep throaty sound is produced by some type of cross-over pipe... The stock Y pipe cant be used to attain the deep throaty sound..

    So the premiss of the thread has been ruined by the poster, because he failed to discover frist what creates the deep throaty sound.. The sound is deep and throaty without any mufflers at all.. I know because I have tried all situations..

    So no more recommending mufflers to people.. first discover what it is they are looking for.. Then first advise them about the X or H pipe, then discuss mufflers with them.. We cant keep doing this stuff and posting bad info, because this is what happens when its allowed.. I bet the muffler he tried sounds awsome when done in conjunction with the X or H pipe crossover!
  7. My advice to scheetz83, is this.. You have completed half of the exhaust mod.. You now must go dual.. When you get this done you will need 2 items..

    1. The 2nd Coffin Muffler

    2. MagnaFlow XPIPE or an H-PIPE

    When you get this work done, come back and update your thread with a soundfile.. I am interested to see how the Coffin Mufflers sound, when installed properly in an 05V6 with a crossover..

  8. This sounds retarded and anti-V6, but really the only way to get the deep tone you're looking for is w/ a V8. Honestly, I've heard a LOT of V6 Mustangs (3.8's MOSTLY, but not all) and, truthfully, all the ones w/ "performance" exhaust have sounded at least noticeably "ricey." This is why I recommend that people just get GT take-offs. They are relatively cheap, and they aren't really loud... because loud + V6 almost always = "ricey."

    Truth is, and this sounds bad too, but I've never heard another V6 that sounded as good as mine. Not to say that it sounds anywhere near as good as a V8, but it's louder than stock, had a nice tone at idle, and gets louder w/o getting really raspy in the high RPMs.... my setup is stock Cobra Take-offs w/ no crossover or anything. Because of the way the V6 fires (even fire, IIRC), it is unnecessary performance-wise to have a crossover. The V8 needs it because it is odd-fire I believe, and because of that, it has a crossover stock. Now, this is not to say that a crossover could not change the SOUND, but it is not needed to even the flow. However, it still stands that I have NEVER heard a "performance" exhaust V6 that didn't sound ricey, no matter what setup they had.

    Anyway, these are just my experiences having been around to hear a LOT of V6 Mustangs, and in my experience, you cannot avoid a "ricey" tone at high RPM's w/ a "performance" exhaust... it is seemingly inherent w/ the V6.

  9. Put up a sound file, and I'll do the same.. No more talk, and nonsense 5spd.. Put up your soundfile..


    Completely disregard this post until Mr. 5spd can put up a sound file..

    Balls in your court Mr. 5Spd.. We are all waiting.. :rolleyes:

    "We" will determine whether or not you sound rice.. Not you.. You have a laptop? I'm quite sure you do, so lets see what you got.. Also, just for the record, you have an 05V6 or a 3.8 Mustang?
  10. A contradiction in terms 5spdStallion.. Here is mine on the freeway with the windows down.. The high RPM has no sign at all of a rice stereotype..


    What is your honest opinion of how this sounds?.. I understand I am going out on a limb, because you have yet to put up your soundfile.. But this is a test of your honesty really.. Whats your honest opinion of this 05V6 sound?

    Here is the idle.. I sure hope you use a good sound system on your PC.. You need it for my sound files to get the true tone..


    This one is windows up.. This one makes sure there is no "Rice Sound" at all, which can be attributed to the 05V6..

  11. Your point is well made, its a nice sounding system.

    But he apparently wants to stay with the single exhaust pipe (I think).
  12. Really what I want him to do is complete what he started.. Which is install some type of crossover into his system.. I am anxious to hear these Coffin Mufflers.. So I hope he understands we are on the same team, working together.. This is an internal challenge of the family.. Nothing more.. He brought up a good subject with the mufflers.. Now we must follow it through till the end, and soundfile.. I bet they sound really good..
  13. Yep, I couldn't believe how downright sh.....the coffin muffler sounded on a provided soundclip; definitely way ricey. I simply put on a Flowmaster 40 on my V6 which sounds great. Less than $200 including the installation with a chrome tip.
  14. right now I would like to stay with the single outlet. I want to buy the rear lip, window louvers and a set of side skirts that way they can be painted all at the same time. Then I can cut the rear bumper to accommodate the second tip and have the rear lip to cover it up. I just wanted to have a better sounding exhaust then the stock setup. I am a little leery about throwing another $225 in to a second coffin and a H pipe and have it still sound bad!

    As far as y H and X pipes. to run a X or H that requires a true dual set up correct.
  15. yes,

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  16. I understand.. In IMHO, I think you should leave the exhaust alone until you finish all the other things first.. The exhaust is how you feel about your car.. Let it sound rice for a week.. Be looked at, laughed at, and flipped off by GT owners if you want.. I would leave the exhaust stock until your ready to invest in it..

    The first thing I do in the morning when I start the stang, is admire the exhaust.. As I drive away, the neighbors know I am leaving from work.. When I get home, they are aware of my presence.. Needless to say, they all love my Mustang V6..

    If it ever sounded rice, I would be shunned.. Ignored as I drive by, while my neighbor mows his lawn.. Rice is a deadly sin.. If rice is what I was forced to live with, with the V6, I would have to trade it in.. Next to looks, sound is the only bit of respect this car gives me.. I cant agree with rice.. I wont agree with allowing the car to sound rice... Put the stock muffler back on, if you dont want to go dual.. My bones quiver at the sound of a Mustang, and rice in the same sentence..

  17. Doesn't sound as bad as rice, but still nowhere near good old V8 sound
  18. Hey MSP, I wasn't trying to tick you off or anything... Like I said, I was just sharing my experience w/ you guys. Having been pretty involved in V6 Performance for 5+ years now, I've heard TONS of V6 Mustangs w/ all different kinds of setups, and so I decided to share that in my experience, most performance exhaust setups have a ricey tone and that I have been happy with my take-offs and many others have, too, especially for the money.

    BTW, your car does sound pretty dang good. Easily one of the better sounding (least raspy) near stock V6's I've heard... especially for having a "performance" exhaust. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest such a setup having now heard it, but that doesn't change the fact that MOST that I have heard w/ 'performance' exhuast have sounded terrible, no matter which muffler, or which crossover they have used.... but like I said, your have an excellent sounding V6.

    Also, I'll be glad to get you a video of my exhuast as soon as I get done w/ my current mod, which I am in the middle of now so... the car doesn't run at the moment, and won't until late this week, I imagine.
  19. on these X pipes

    dose that screw with the computer not having the cats anymore?
    how are emmisions with out the cats? I live in a area where i do not need to go through emissions but 20 miles north east and i would. If down the road they start making me go through emisions would i pass? I an not worried about any one crawling under and checking to see if the cats are there just if the emisions would be to high?