Putting 5.0 into a classic- need help weighing in on choices...thx


Jan 21, 2004
Chico, CA
Hey Guys-

I used to have a 95 Cobra..then an 01 GT and now a '67 GT. I am putting in an EFI 5.0 into it and I need some helpif you don't mind. I tried some searches, butthey didn't really work out for my specific situation. Here goes:

Goal: I want a S/C'd motor w/ around 400-450 RWHP. I also want to get good gas mileage while cruising (20+ on highway) and drivability & reliability which is why I'm thinking S/C (only chugging when I'm stomping on it)... does that sound reasonable??

Cost is important...and the fact is, I will need somebody to put my engine together no matter what...

Next are my choices:
1. I have access to a stock 5.0 for around $400. I would obviously need to build it up.. I'm thinking
- Twisted wedge heads
- 1.7 RRs
- Mild cam
- GT40 upper/lower...or possibly ported Cobra
- Forged internals
- and more...

2. CHP or Badass engine that will get the job done... however, I don't know if it will be cheap...

I just need a little guidance. I realize that I probably did not provide enough info, but any help would be appreciated.

When factoring in total cost, drivability and reliability, is it best to put one together, or buy one like CHP?

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have car, will race....wait, it doesn't run
Nov 29, 1999
You couldn't really go wrong buying a long/shortblock from a reputable builder. I'd personally stay away from buying that stocker for $400, since you're just spending money you don't need to, if you're replacing parts anyway. If you search around in the classifieds, you could probably find a bare 302 roller block for much less. I'm all for getting my hands dirty and I'd love to assemble a rotating assembly sometime, so I may be inclined to do it myself, but buying one already assembled can do more to set your mind at ease that it was done correctly.


Apr 10, 2004
Summit has a brand new block from ford for 400 bucks thats been machined already you might be better off with that and getting kit from either them or coast and build it yourself


have car, will race....wait, it doesn't run
Nov 29, 1999
If you're building something that you're using for performance, don't get the new block. Even with the new block, you're going to at least want to align hone the mains, and most kits that places like DSS or CHP sell are assuming either a .030 or .040 overbore. Buying the $400 block to machine it just throws a couple hundred dollars away over picking up a used bare block in my opinion.
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