Putting a modern E-brake handle in a classic Mustan

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  1. sounds good

    I'm all for it and plan to do it on mine. I plan to convert to manual trans and given I'm near San Francisco I can use the e-brake to help me starting on a hill.

    Thing is, I'd like to figure out how to integrate it with an original console and NOT hack the console up. I could put the lever over the woodgrain bit but that would involve hacking the little compartment . . .

    anyway, my only feedback - it's a great how-to and will undoubtedly help some people on here - is your explanation of how the stock parking brake works is incorrect. You stomp on the pedal to engage it, not pull back on the lever, at least on my '70, so you wouldn't be fumbling around under the dash to engage it.
  2. Thanks for the Feedback!! you are corect in that the later Mustangs are a pedal E-brake. My 62 Galaxie is the same way, however the early Mustangs are a horribly designed pull lever as discribed in my artical. I think they changed in 69. Thanks again for the feedback
  3. great write up!!!
  4. He put it in a '65, and he is correct, you pull a lever under the dash, although now, if it's original, you either pull the handle off or the whole lever out from under the dash.

    '65-'68 had a lever you pull to set the brake and twist to release. If we had the foot pedal, most of us wouldn't put in the console mounted hand brake.
  5. nice write up. I allways wanted to do that to my mustang.

    Is it neccesarry to make all the brackets and equalizer bar etc...

    What did the stock 79-86, and 87-93 mustangs use??
    Is the handle the only part used from the donor car.?

  6. ok, point taken. :eek: that's scary. I have had this car for 16 years and when I got it in high school I had a parking lot accident due to me trying to get going with a brake pedal to steering wheel lock on the car. I was in an argument with my girlfriend and, well, let's just say I almost stopped in time. :nonono: If I had to fumble under the dash for the brake I would have caused a lot more damage to the other car . . .
  7. That is similar to what I did with my '65. However, I used a hot-rod brake assembly, and a '66 brake cable and equalizer. Made it much simpler. You can get the brake from several sources that advertise in the hot rod mags.

    No console in my car, so that wasn't an issue.
  8. one thing i dont agree with u said the 87 -93 handle wont work with drum brakes well news flash they all had drum except the 93 cobra
  9. nice job. saves having to buy a lokar handle and kit.
  10. Hey Grego37

    I don't know what the 79-93 Mustangs used. I fabed the parts because I didn't have any thing but the handle.
  11. Hey 67Efivert

    Thanks for the feedback that is one thing I will change. What my page says is:

    "This style is a good choice for those who are using stock drum brakes or disc brakes with a small E-brake return spring."

    What it should say is:
    "This style is a good choice for those who are using vintage stock drum brakes or disc brakes with a small E-brake return spring. Classic drum brakes will not work with the 87-93 handle because of the brakes having a week return spring."

    The modern drum brakes you are refering to have a strong spring. If you use this handle on vintage Mustang brakes you you will engage them and not be able to relese them.
  12. Are there jam nuts on the convergence bracket adjusters? Or are they needed?
  13. Yeah, but the late model drum brakes aren't the same as the classic drum brakes, which is what he was talking about.
  14. I have upgraded my rear drums and shoes to 2.5" width (off of a Ranchero or wagon). I guess that falls into the "classic" catagory.
    My question is:
    Can I put a stronger return spring so it would release?
    what is the spring called? E-Brake return spring?

  15. I had planned on a Lokar, but this is a better way to save some $. I have 4-wheel disc, but plan to use a driveline E-Brake. That way I don't have to worry about getting all the parts for the disc and only have to run one cable.
  16. sorry for sounding like a smarta$$ i had just got home from a bad day at work and that does make sence didnt think bout that
  17. I don't think there is room for a bigger spring

    I have 4 wheel disc brakes and the rears are Mark VII, but utilized the stock drum Mustang return spring. That is how I know for a fact that the stock spring is not enough :) that was a trouble shooting nightmare. The springs I ended up using were about 1" wide 5" long and the wire width was about 1/8" It took that much to make it all work right. If you really want to use the newer handle I would look in to what ford used for the return spring on the modern cars, you may be able to adapt to the classic setup. just my 2 cents :)
  18. Dazecars,

    Does this mean if i want to uprgade to a late model e-brake and I have classic rear drums:

    1) neither swap will work?

    2) or my only choice is the 79-86 assy.
  19. One will work and the other might work.

    The 79-86 unit will work no problem, the 87-93 unit might work, if you can put a stiffer spring inside your drum brake set up. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask them.