Putting a Stop to Oil Consumption through the PCV Valve

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by vristang, May 19, 2006.

  1. i saw some aluminum beer bottles at the beach when i was there ... hmmmmmm
  2. Ok, here is the pcv screen mod pics.


    Here is the bottle side view so you can see bottom part of the Aluminum bottle setup.

    Enjoy :D ,
  3. Hink -
    I am having a hard time visualizing how this modified screen will help.

    Are you not using a baffle on the lower intake?
    There should be a baffle there, installed by whomever manufactured the manifold.

    Are you installing this is the stock screen location?

    I am just having a hard time seeing how these washers will help separate oil from the air.
    Maybe I missed something?

  4. looks pretty ghetto, but if it works, then :hail2:
  5. Yes, it is installed in the stock screen location , helps protect against direct splash. There is something there, but doesnt seem to amount to much. If there is a guard there, it doesnt cover the area directly under the oil screen. Had oil dripping out of my air filter before adding that washer.
  6. Stage 2, Stop the oil mist attempt.

    Still getting a small amount oil, in TB, so took vrstang's suggestion and added some mesh. Parts in this pic, two meshes
    Put the mesh in...
    2 meshes inside now...
    Now to test it !
    Think that should stop any oil misting , time will tell.
    be back with results in a few days, good ones hopefully.
  7. You guys are crazy :) glad I solved my problem.
  8. Boc I have the tall Ford Racing valve covers with baffles under both valve covers all the more reason I probably do not get much oil coming out of their. And yes it is set-up exactly as you have described in the previous post, I will take some pics it's real simple and works but If you don't have baffles under the valve covers it will suck oil still. I'll take some pictures!
  9. Ironically I have just discovered that I am leaking oil at a good rate. It looks to me as if the oil is coming from the rear of the intake. Could it be a gasket? If not what is the easiest way to fix this? If I remove the PCV filter and it is clogged is that my problem? Thanks for your help
  10. hi, slvrvert91, Do you know where it is leaking at for sure ? From what have heard if the pcv screen filter(Which is installed underneath the pcv > pcv grommet>pcv wire screen) is clogged it can lead to pressure build up in engine , which can result in leaking out of the rear main seal(aka blown rear main seal if the seal loses integrity).
    Sometimes the whole grommet and or, pcv valve can come out, this will lead to oil at the back, also is the rubber grommet and pcv valve in place and the grommet making a good seal(aka tight), have had some grommets not sealing good myself, had a brand new one that was a bad fit once.(It is rather hard to see back in there!) Just trying to help.

  11. Cool. Thanks, I was starting to think I was being ignored. LOL, guess thats what I get for posting after Hink!:)
  12. is it ok to plug the pcv screen (delete it entirely) and vent using a breather on the valve cover?

    my car is not modified, it's only stock

    should I be ok? or what???

  13. If it's running fine, then it's running fine. No more to that. You can suck all the oil and pressure you want. But then what? The standard size breather do not remove the increased windage.(depending on your windage)> very much unles the other end of the tube coming out the breather is going to the exhaust through ahose atchached to the hedder or whatver,something to perform a possitve flow out.
  14. YOu still need a valve, unless you are goig to just suck a bunch of air out of there. You could do this by running hoses the the collector on the exahust. IT works every time. Makes a little smoke sometimes. but always works.\
  15. OK guys check my cardomain site for recent pics: any questions just ask. It's really as simple as it look. PCV in rear of intake plugged, PCV in driver side valve cover, hose routed under the intake to the rear where it goes in to the oil seprator and then to the upper intake, DONE!

  16. You are fine, don't touch it!
  17. :nice:

    Are you using an intake manifold spacer?

    Just wondering how this fits with a stockish setup.

    Well, done.

  18. his sig says a 1" spacer.........
  19. Yep 1" spacer and just barely cleared the throttle bracket!