Putting a Stop to Oil Consumption through the PCV Valve

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  1. No, that's putting the pressure right back in the engine. RPM will slow and run badly. You have to pull air out of the engine somehow. You can use manifold pressure with pcv, or exhaust. For racing you run about a 1/2 inch line from both valve covers to the collectors to scavenge the windage out of the engine. It works good, but you can't really do that on the street too well. A lot of funny smells and some smoke when braking hard sometimes.
  2. Report , update on highrise pvc stage II

    The wire mesh in the can, definitely seems to help on reducing oil in TB. Another problem is the added weight of the mesh + (oil accumulated in the mesh guess) has led to the wearing out of my pcv grommet. Working on eliminating the pcv grommet. Have a pvc plumbing fitting that fits fairly tight in the lower intake hole. Applied Blue RTV silicon gasket maker, to hold the pvc plumbing fitting in lower intake plenium. Waiting for the RTV to cure now. Hope this will hold , think good chances will work. If this works will post some pics of the changed lower can end hookup.
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  4. Can you describe how the PCV grommet wore out?

    I have just used black RTV on the grommet in the past, it worked well.

  5. Heres whats done to my car that fixed my problem 100% , its simple all you need is a 3inch piece of hose with a washer inside of it. Attached the hose to where the pcv valve would normally go and then plug the pcv valve in the top of the hose which will be sitting straight up. The washer stops any oil from crawling up the sides and none gets through the middle and the pcv valve.
  6. I don't suppose you have run an oil separator in line with this setup?

    As I understand it...
    The problem is oil vapor passing through the PCV, not really oil crawling up the walls of the hose.

    I am glad to hear this is working for you, but I am curious as to the details of "why" it works.

    It could very well be that the wassher is enough of an obstacle to knock the oil vapor from the crankcase gasses? :shrug:

    Can you measure the ID and OD of the washer and hose that you used?

  7. 1.Don't get a full insert on my pcv grommet, due to my blocking washer modification on pcv screen.
    2. Another contributing factor is height and motor movement. The hose from top of can did rub on the hood a bit. Causing extra wear from motor twist .

    New setup has less height, so hose will no longer rub on hood.

    Hmm might try adding a washer in path before wire mesh, if have to remove can again later. What type and size of washer did you use emagdnim?
  8. Not 100% sure this is the case in a non stock , high revving engine(this engine pulls past 6,000 RPM ). Believe my engine has bad oil splashes, When seal (grommet) not working good, got lots of oil on firewall back. If this was just a mist, why was there so much oil, in so short a period of time(seems more like an oil squirt).Also If this was just a mist, why would my pcv screen blocking washer have helped so much . This blocking washer was my first modification to the pcv setup. It greatly reduced the amount of oil coming from my air filter.
  9. i just went back to (mostly) stock and am still finding lots of oil in my intake. i'm going to try hink's approach. after all, it's only a few dollars.
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  12. How much oil are we talking about burning? I'm getting my heads redone and hopefully this was the problem (guides were borderline). I was burning roughly a quart every 400 miles.

  13. with the kb i was going through about a quart every tank which for me is 200 miles.

    now that i'm n/a again, i dunno because i have not driven it much yet. i have a pretty big cloud of smoke on startup, but i don't see smoke in the exhaust when idling or while driving :shrug:

    i am now thinking i have a good bit of blow by so it is probably time to decide if i'm going to keep the car and go through a rebuild or sell it and get something else ... maybe if i can stop the startup smoke, i'll have some time to decide
  14. get an Explorer/Mountaineer engine and drop it in.
  15. Hey guys. I am prepping my Explorer manifold for installation and I noticed that the "shielding" on the underside of the lower is SIGNIFICANTLY longer (runs about half the length of the manifold or more) than stock. I am wondering if this was done by Ford to help combat the oil consumption problem? Is oil consumption through the pcv a problem on the Explorer manifolds too? Lastly, has anyone tried adding an additional pcv valve in the driver's side valve cover yet? I'm in the planning stages for that now.
  16. I'm running two pcvs. One in the back of the lower intake and one on the driver valve cover. I think the major problem with my oil consumption was the heads. I've already gone 400 miles or so with no oil being burnt.....

  17. anyone got pics of their special pcv installs? like the double pcv's or the pcv on the valve cover?
  18. I am glad I found this thread. I am burning a quart of oil every 200 miles. It is coming up the pcv valve and going into the intake. Now I can fix it.
  19. First I say I'm rebuilding my 302 that had bad blow-by. I partially blame this affair on a blocked pcv system. My history is this engine at 85k only had very minor oil burning, I wouldn't notice much of a drop in oil level after driving for 2-3 months (normal miles) probably 1/8 of a qt. Over time oil burning got worse, about 1/4 a week?..... and after a year I had my rear main leak, and also I suspected valve covers in the back, and/or the oil pan still seeped. I also noticed the timing cover gasket was starting to slowly seep oil...all this on newly installed gaskets all around in about 2 years.

    I blame this on the blocked pcv system pushing my "tired" rings to the point of untolerable wear/blow by. I guess I cannot PROVE this; and others I've told think I'm crazy to blame the pcv system...but I think the pcv blocked off didn't HELP and I probably would have driven that engine 5 more years than I did.

    OK SO NOW, I'm wrapping up my engine build (and yes I'm building it myself) and I DO NOT WANT TO BLOCK MY PCV EVER AGAIN.

    This is what I plan to do....let me know if you guys like this idea (based on some recommendations from the site) I have the exact parts list I plan to buy and set up as I finish my build by June this year.

    Jegs oil separater so I can monitor the situation; JEGS Air Oil Separator - JEGS

    one-way valve and breather on the DRIVER SIDE, will be plumbed to the separater along with the pcv valve in the back of the intake will also go through the separater JEGS Crankcase Evacuation Kit - JEGS

    PASSENGER SIDE; I'll use the stock tube into the TB for "fresh air" to flow in? Is that how that works?

    Questions I'm pondering...Does the jegs breather vent only through the hole? I hope so; or they won't work because it won't be a "closed system"

    Will this set up be ENOUGH for a boosted application? I agrue with my boyfriend who's engine builder told him that it's best to run 2 breathers on the valve cover...obviously with my engine history It's a heated argument as his engine is new and i can just picture the unnessasary crap he's putting it through (he's also supercharged)