Putting a Stop to Oil Consumption through the PCV Valve

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by vristang, May 19, 2006.

  1. I'm not sure that the plugged up PCV would have caused the rings to wear excessively. Maybe a little, but it is more likely that the lack of pressure ventilation from the crankcase simply blew out the seals.
    Also, did you put boost on the engine around the time the oil leaks started?

    I ask about boost because you mentioned installing the TB to Valve Cover hose, which is a major No-No with boost. This setup would allow boost pressure to enter the crankcase, adding to the crankcase pressure.

    Running breathers on boosted setups isn't the worst you could do. Notice that the parts list for installing breathers is much shorter than the list of junk you plan to install in order to make the pcv work :shrug:
    There's a lot to be said for SIMPLE
  2. no; my engine was n/a before; i'm building with plans to add a s/c

    What are you supposed to do with teh TB to vlave cover hose in a boosted application then? Based on the fact I beleive in the PCV system and preferr this set up.

  3. And what is motivating that belief?
    Why the desire to keep a system that will be more complex?
    (not trying to talk you out of it, just curious what your goals are)

    With boost the TB hose should run to the airfilter, before the SC...
    The pcv also needs to be 'sealed' from the boost.....

  4. ok, so with a blown car you can't run pcv then? How are you supposed to properly releive crank pressure then? I don't see how breathers on the valve covers aren't good enough for a n/a car; but they're supposed to good enough for a blown application... :shrug:
  5. It isn't really about 'good enough' or 'not good enough'

    With boost in the intake, it is difficult to get the pcv system to be a ONE directional system.
    Stock PCV valves are *supposed* to seal intake pressure from the crankcase, but they are rarely that effective.

    It is much easier to simply install 2-3 breathers when running boost.

    The downside to breathers is that you lose the ability to pass a VISUAL smog inspection, and give up the benefit of running fresh air through the crankcase (which helps pull some conataminants out of the crankcase).

    Hope that makes more sense Nicole,
  6. Vristang...

    My largest accumulation of oil into the separators is when I'm hard into the boost. It's definitely the result of case pressure from the blow-by. Currently, I have an OEM style PCV installed into the lower intake. I've also put a brake booster check valve inline between the PCV and the oil separator. On the oil filler neck vent, I've installed a second oil separator. The oil filler neck has no baffle but that not really an issue as I only see a very small amount of oil travel that path after I've been long and hard on the boost. Both separators are the hardware store/Steeda type and the one oon the PCV side fills pretty damned quick (figure 10 to 15 minute minutes of hard driving).

    I'm going to try the second PCV on the driver side cover and have a couple of questions...

    Did you fab up any kind of baffle for the driver side PCV?

    What exactly is the difference between the Ford OEM PCV and the turbo supra PCV other than a better check valve?

    Seems like an advantage to all of this might be a larger PCV that makes more use of the opening diameter of the PCV hole in the lower intake? Is there such a thing? Something that has an opening the diameter of the screen that's down in there would be GREAT when considering your theory that more volume and less velocity would reduce the oil pick-up.
  7. I read earilier in this thread that the pcv valves for the lightnings are larger. I plan on checking them out and running them on my 95 with trick flow top end kit if that is in fact the case. I'm gonna get rid of my breather setup right now cus its garbage and put the stock pcv system back in order along with a second pcv on the d/s valve cover. I have trick flow valve covers which do not have baffles so I plan to weld on a 1 inch diameter neck long enough to use a stock screen and grommet with the lightning pcv. I hope this all work for me.