Putting some pic's up.

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  1. I finally got a chance to put some pic's up of my 95 GT vert.
  2. And another!
  3. You have 2 GT's? I hate you. lucky. BTW like the color, not sure how much i like the rims though :shrug:
  4. Ya, that was the cheapest rim I could find to run my tires. The previous set MSW, got completed trashed on the right side when I hit a cinder block. Had to go cheap to put the down payment on the other. I would like to get some Saleen's eventually.
  5. If the rims had a polished lip I think they would look pretty good.

    Very nice cars! :nice: I really that color.
  6. Looks nice, why the 2 Gt's though?
  7. Can I have your hood?

    Nice cars man! That 05 GT has sex written all over it
  8. BlueOvalStangGT,
    I guess I just like GT's. Back in 95, the Cobra was just to much in a vert. Also, you could only find Teal in the GT. I like the newer body style and decided to get that for 05. It nice seeing a 10 year difference.
  9. By the way, that's a great shine on your 95 as well....looks brand new
  10. It looks good from a distance. The front has pepper spray from a 18-wheeler on a two lane highway. I have about 103K on her. I didn't drive her very much except on weekends for the first 6 years. Washed both cars and have Zaino on them.
  11. Either way, it's shiny. I like shiny things.
  12. Looks great. :nice: Was the top on your vert black from the factory?
  13. 1hot5.0,
    The black interior and top are all original. It was the combo I wanted and was extremely hard to find. I found it in late October of 95.