Putting the Stang back on the Streets-Need help finding parts


Sep 10, 2003
Cohasset, Ma
I have been out of the game for 3+yrs. I need help gathering the following:

Headlights (Dark or Clear)
Carpet -opal gray
4.10 gears
A suitable differential for street driving drag racing and some road racing
31 spline axles

My wish list is a suitable suspension for mostly street duty but some drag and road racing.
I also want to move my motor back because one shop owner told me my trany was not installed properly and is un-square.
I would love to just slap some springs on it and be done but after reading about the suspension gemotry I am thinking otherwise.

Being out of the loop, I am unfamiliar with the best places to buy these parts from at the best prices. Please let me know where to buy!
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Mar 15, 2002
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I like my bullit springs.

as far as the unsquare comment...I would 100% get an expert opinion from a chassis shop/Ford specific shop if you did not go to one. Ford offsets the trans to get an angle on the driveshaft to keep the proper angle on the u-joints so the needle bear. do not wear uneven. If it was some tire shop/general repair shop they may not have a damn clue WTF they are talking about regarding "square"...its not a house, so someone who brings home building construction terms to the table better be able to answer why they are doing so when I ask what they mean.
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