PVS valve..Temperature control valve (HELP!!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Poneyman, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Hey people Im new here and love this forum. I own a 67 coupe with a/c..and a 73 mach1..My question is this. Can i plug the holes where the pvs and tcv,,went? I rebuilt my motor 351 c and replaced the intake with a elelbrock intake as well as carb. The old setup to route hoses from those valves are long gone..They probley havent worked for years is my guess. Now even if i could some how set ip up..i cant purchase new valves..cause here in Canada..they simply dont exsist..they dont sell them anywhere !!.They are discontinued parts that have been off the shelf for years. So what shall i do..can these be pluged with out causing overheating?..I do have a 3 core rad from a old lincoln shoe horned in it ..and the temp outside never really gets above 75 anyway...but if anybody can carifiy it would be appreciated...thanks
  2. Please translate/explain "pvs" and "tcv"?:scratch:
  4. i think i got it ,the vacume tree in the thermostat housing? yes you can plug it as long as you have a source for vacume to the distributor.
  5. Yes..its right below the thermostat housing..thanks..it really had be stumped. The vacume will run from the carb to the distributor. The tree or psv is a heat sensor so if it runs over a certian temp, it will advance the motor to idle a bit faster for cooling..but im pretty sure that they require all the components to make that work..and that probley never worked since some one changed a carb or blocked a hose way back when. thanks again.