Pypes mid-muffler system review

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  1. My review of the Pypes mid-muffler system (volume, tone, drone, fit, and value)

    Volume: Anything louder would be annoying for a daily driver. It is just at that volume "limit". Cold start-up is loud, but it settles down nicely. WOT volume is excellent. The other system I had was not different enough from stock to make it worth it. However this system really makes a BIG difference without annoying you or your neighbors.

    Tone: The tone is less refined then some other systems. If you are looking for "smooth" and "refined" tone, this is not it! If you want something a little more raspy an old-school, but still "deep", this system is perfect for you. Online videos do not do this system justice!!!! Much better in person.

    Drone: There is some drone at around 1800-1900 rpm under light load, but it goes away quickly after that. Do not let this discourage you from buying this system!!!! I was very worried too, but am so glade I tried this system. It is more than livable on a daily driver. Unlike another system I had, when inside the car, this system reminds you that you are driving a performance car. I have honestly found myself turning the radio off just to listen to the car when driving around town.

    Fit: Initial installation is very quick (an hour tops), but the adjusting to get it perfectly straight and centered in the rear bumper cut-outs was absolutely horrible!!! Especially because of the 4-inch tips that don't leave much room for error. I am extremely picky about stuff like this so it took me forever to get it perfect. Keep everything loose until you get right. Use a lift if you have access to one. The passenger-side muffler will need lots of work to get it far enough from the gas tank. Perfect fitment is possible as I have it now, but it took lots of patience to get it.

    Value: In short, for the price, this system is absolutely amazing. The tone is less refined and more old-school, but that's what I wanted. The loudness is just at the limit for a daily driver. I am EXTREMELY SATISFIED!!!

    I hope this helps someone who's trying to make a decision!
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  2. Great post! Are you running stock cats?
  3. Where from and how much?
  4. I'm not familiar with this system...can you provide a link?
  5. Not really the same, but I've got a set of Pypes Race Pro mufflers on my Fox, complete with LT's and Off Road Mid pipe and I have to say I'm impressed with the sound. Muscley and surprisingly quiet at cruise and light throttle, but boy to they get loud in a hurry when you tromp on it. I'm with the OP....any louder would be annoying. I'm actually thinking of welding in a set of cat's to quiet it down a tad.