Pypes Mid Muffler System

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  1. No sweat, man! Should be Monday or so when I get mine put on, so not too much of a delay. Best of luck with the install. If I had everything I needed to do it myself, I would. However, it will cost me more to go buy everything I need than it will to pay someone else with a lift to do it. Again, good luck!:nice:

    Cheers! :cheers:
  2. Had my pypes mid muffler system on 2 weeks now & love the sound its awesome.Also have offroad X pipe and longtubes,+ everyone loves the sound.I took it to work today and after work alot of my co workers was listening and checking it out.They all love the sound..Best system I ever heard............
  3. Drone... Is there any drone?
  4. So far no one as reported any drone, what I want to know is has anyone had one of these on the Dyno or is there any SOTP to this cat-back?
  5. No drone period,but sotp big difference.I had long tubes, offroad X pipe, pypes midmuffler system,UDP,CMDP,4.10's gears, hurst short throw shifter,new custom tune done all at the same time with 1 piece aluminum driveshaft too.So yes a big difference for sure.I just got a set of drag radials for the car and I fell poss mids 12 second car for sure.With just the Brenspeed tune & CIA I ran best of [email protected] mph on street tires..So hopefully next week or so I'll have a 12 second timeslip..
  6. Well, I didn't put mine on today. My rinky-dink floor jack (that was bought for jacking around with my boat's trailer), just wasn't up to it. Combined with 100 degree temps, and a hangover :)

    Instead, I installed my Demolet CAI and 93 octane tune. Interesting enough day with that alone. Sounds pretty cool when you jump on it. The idle is set too fast though. Hopefully that will settle down with some more driving?!?!? The A/T duzn't want to dis-engage when I slow for a light, till about 900 RPMs, then it releases and rev's a tad. Ack!!

    If you don't mind sharing, how much are you paying to have your's installed? Is it hard to find a shop that will do that? I might take it to the base, and use the auto hobby shop's lift, but open to options as well :)
  7. Dock - I do not know just yet where I will take it to be done. However, I have never had a problem in the past finding a shop that will install something for you. Just a matter of who will do a good job & for a fair price. The last couple of custom exhaust jobs I have had done, I just went to Midas and they did a decent job. I expect to pay about $50 or so, as this install should be pretty simple. The stock stuff just comes right off once you undo the band clamps, and then the Pypes system should (key word there) just bolt right up. I might have them weld all the joints, so that may be a little extra. But, I still think it should land in the $50-75 range, which I think is pretty reasonable considering my time and what I would need to buy to pull it off....and I don't have a welder, either, so that makes it that much more reasonable!

    Good luck w/ yours & keep us updated......

    Cheers! :cheers:
  8. I love the sound of the stock system myself, it just needs a little ampification, as soon as it starts it sounds like power. A lttle louder would be nice, but not to loud, just that old school rumble.
  9. O/R H sounds pretty nice with the factory mufflers...wakes it up for sure!
  10. Glad to hear some good exeriances with Midas. :D I wouldn't have them weld it because I do not believe they would have stainless welding wire. The welds would eventually rust. :)
  11. Yeah, but probably not too many shops outside of nice custom performance shops (none of which are around here) that actually have stainless weld available. I am lucky if I keep a car more than a year or two, so if it were to rust it would probably do so long after I have gotten rid of the car.

    Heck...I dunno....may just have it bolted up for the time being until I know for sure that I am going to like it.

    Cheers! :cheers:
  12. That's my plan!
  13. does anyone know if the BBK Headers are any good and if they are what would be a good mid pipe for them?...and what is preffered H or X pipe?
  14. another concern with the welding would be access to the gas tank later down the road. if the exhaust is welded together, then it will need to be cut to remove the tank.
  15. Well...I finally got my Pypes mid-muffler system installed yesterday. Have not had a chance to drive the car too much since installation, but here are my thoughts so far.

    - This system is far quieter than I expected. With just two straight-through round 4" body mufflers, I was expecting it to be quite a bit louder than it actually is.
    - Startup and idle are a little louder than stock. Not enough to scare the hell out of nearby people, but enough to let them know something has been done to the car.
    - Under acceleration, this system is pure sex!!:hail2: The tone is moderately deep and very smooth. This is with the factory h-pipe and cats in place, mind you.
    - Once you settle into 4th or 5th and are cruising along, you can barely even hear this system. Going down the highway at 70-75 produces very, very little noise. There is slightly more drone (if you want to call it that) than the stock system, but it is definitely not obtrusive or bothersome by any stretch of the imagination.
    - I did notice a decent SOTP increase on the ol' butt dyno. The car felt like it pulled a little harder through the gears. Nothing revolutionary, but it was noticeable.

    To sum it up - nice system with a great tone that provides a good bump in volume over stock under acceleration, but is very tame when cruising. It sounds just like I hoped it would with respect to the mid-muffler placement and not having a "choking" sound that the rear-muffler systems produce IMO. Power gain is noticeable and drives home the bargain this system is at $300.

    However, I am literally shocked at how quiet the system is and actually wish it was louder. That would be my only real "complaint" if you want to call it that. My wife has not ridden in the car yet, but she will love it. She liked the way my '06 GTO sounded outside the car, but would complain about not being able to hear anything any time we went somewhere. I guess a pushrod 6.0L with no crossover (but basically the same type of round, straight-through mufflers - only placed at the back) makes for a much louder setup. That car droned like nobody's business on the highway and was downright scary loud at WOT. This system is definitely conversation- and radio-friendly.

    Don't have an immediate way to get clips, but I will try to get some posted at some point. For anybody looking for a downright awesome sounding system for a great deal and you don't want anything too over-the-top loud, this may be what you are looking for.

    BTW - installed my new C&L Racer intake w/ Brenspeed 87 octane (till my next fill-up when I bump up to the 91) tune and OMG!!!:eek: :eek: :jaw: This was most definitely money well spent. The power increase and 100% improved throttle response were immediately noticeable. The car now runs through the gears like a scalded dog...definitely a night and day difference. The sound produced by the intake is quite awesome as well. Definitely recommended!!:nice:

    Cheers! :cheers:
  16. Now add the Pypes O/R H and you will get an all new sound and feel(I can feel the rumble under my feet:D ) My car is no longer quiet at anytime the engine is running. Cruising at 70-75 produces a real good tone.
  17. JuJu,
    Thanks for the well written review! Wow, *I'm* glad to hear it isn't as loud as it looks, because... it LOOKS loud as heck. There's nothing "to" those mufflers at all. No baffles at all... and what... an inch of poly-glass surrounding a 2' section of slightly larger pipe?
  18. That has pretty much been my line of thinking since this was put on. I love the way it sounds, but the volume needs to be turned up a couple of notches. The Pypes ORH may be the way to go...but that will probably have to wait a little while (aka - round 2 of mods).

    Cheers! :cheers:
  19. No problem, Dock!:nice: When the guy at the shop lowered it down and started it up with a few revs, I was literally thinking "Wow - really? That's it?" After driving it a little, my next thought was that anybody who bought this and was afraid it is going to be too loud will be very pleasantly surprised.

    You are right about the mufflers - there really is not anything to them. That is exactly why I was expecting this system to be louder by several orders of magnitude. How it is not, I will never know!!:shrug: I am just wondering if once the muffs burn in after a little while if it will start getting louder. I know eventually it will have to, as carbon deposits will start to fill up the little perforations in the muffs over time, producing a straight-pipe effect. That may be years, though....

    Hopefully it's not that I am not deaf from my previous car and have led you astray with my review. I'd hate for you to get this put on and think "what an idiot - this thing is loud as hell!":eek:

    Hope you are able to get yours put on soon, as I would like to know your thoughts on this fine bargain of an exhaust.

    Cheers! :cheers: