Pypes Mid Muffler System

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  1. I'm dying to know what this system will sound like with the Pypes O/R H pipe!!!!
  2. it sounds a lot like their axle backs IMO... :shrug:
  3. It sounds excellent with offroad x pipe and longtubes with this system.I am very happy with it for sure..
  4. JuJu,
    Did you have any of it welded? I'm pllanning on just the clamps, but if the clamp for the tips is showing, then at least THAT seam is getting welded.
  5. Hey Dock! Everything got clamped except for the tips. They just tack welded those in case any of the clamped connections needed to be adjusted. That way, if need be they can cut the small welds and reposition the tips so that their alignment is not thrown off if they had to turn a pipe to fix a rattle or something of the like. Every once in a while I get a vibration or rattle, but it does not always happen and I am not sure what is causing it. I'll probably give it another week or two and then go back in for any needed adjustments.

    I would highly recommend this route for your tips instead of the clamps, as you will definitely be able to see them from the back.:puke:

    Cheers! :cheers:
  6. I have no vibration or rattle at all.Need to check it out something is loose or not align right....
  7. does this exhaust require a tune to not throw a check engine light? If not im buying this right now
  8. No it doesn't.
  9. Well, I spent a few hours with my 07 on a hoist, wrestling the Pypes mid-muffler system into place. I couldn't get all the parts aligned good enough to keep it off the gas tanks, and off the suspension, both at the same time. I also, could not get one of the tips on, no matter how patient I was. The final blow, was that the driver side muffler "hooks/prongs/fingers" (dunno what you call em') were too short. I don't doubt that a pro shop could dial this system in, and make it solid, but trust me, this is not a simple bolt on instillation. Serious fitment issues on the one I got. So... I'm sending it back this week. Now, if I could only decide between the FRRP stingers, or the MAC. Cheers!
  10. stay away from the Stingers, unless you just like interior drone...
  11. I ordered the MACs, but my heart really wants the SLPs. <evil smiley here> Shoulda bought that house out in the country.
  12. Dock - sorry to hear about the fitment issues with your PMM system - that really sucks!!!:( What began as in innocent every once in a while millisecond of a rattle has become almost constant now. I have to go get it checked out before it drives me nuts. :bang: I looked under the car and I think it is hitting part of the suspension, but I can't be sure just peeking under there. :shrug:

    All in all, though, I don't think it will be hard to fix. I am very happy with the PMM system otherwise. Sounds like Pypes has some quality control issues for sure, though. Hopefully they will make revisions since it is fairly new to market and get it right so others can enjoy it as well.

    All the clips of the Macs that I have heard are my favorite among the rear-muffler systems...very nice, deep sound. If I was going with just an axleback, that would be the way I would go. Good luck, man!:nice:

    Cheers! :cheers:
  13. Well I had no issue at all...Everything fit pretty much perfect for me..Also biggest key is sound & no drone at all:nice: ....

  14. I had the Mac's for about a week before taking them off. I was suprised my head didnt explode. The drone was unbelievable.
  15. Reg - the PMM may be what you are looking for. It is a little louder than stock at startup, and a little louder for regular driving. When cruising, though, you can barely even hear it. The main difference is under WOT the PMM wakes up, but is still not deafening. Drone is all but non-existent. If you can deal with the possibility of some fitment issues, it may be worth a try for you.

    Cheers! :cheers:
  16. I've had the pypes mid muffler system on for about 4 weeks now. I have a bassani catted x-pipe that I was running the bassani race axle backs (the ones like the stingers). It sounded bad ass, but had LOTS of drone. When I first put the pypes system on, it was quieter and no drone. I guess the mufflers broke in some because now there is some drone again. Not like the bassani axle backs, but definately noticeable. It's also louder than when I first put them on. Overall, I like them a lot, and find them to be worth all the $300 they cost!
  17. JuJu-thanks for the input! I have been looking for the right sound for quite awhile. Hopefully this will be last time i change my mufflers.


    Its funny, i also was considering the Bassani catted X. Did you notice a performance gain?
  18. I did notice a SOTP increase in performance with the x-pipe. When I bought, I was running the flowmaster american thunders, and it gave me an increase in volume too. I've considered running the xpipe without the cats, but I'm afraid of trumpeting, so I'm probably gonna leave it the way it is.
  19. Still no dyno numbers on the PMM system yet?
  20. Can anyone tell how loud is the system compared to the GTAs? I think my GTAs are a bit too quiet and I'm thinking of swapping them for something different. SLP was too loud, and I'm looking for something in the middle without drone if possible. If the mid-muffler is as quiet as the GTAs I won't upgrade.