Pypes Mid Muffler System

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  1. RPM Outlet Sucks!

    That's my final word. I have gone online and filled in their Return Request for my Mid Muffler system, gotten a confirmation e-mail with all my data, and the following day, they cancel my request, claiming some of the data wasn't submitted, EVEN THOUGH, their original confirmation e-mail shows they HAD the data at one point. So I send back the confirmation e-mail as proof, to no avail. Trying a third time tonight. I think I'm going to do this every night, forever, just to see if I can piss them off. The text on the second canx msg from them was bolded, and bigger than their first reply. :)
  2. Many on this forum seem to agree with your opinion here. I have not given RPM Outlet any business because of those comments but I will say that Brenspeed has the same product with the same price! I have used Brenspeed and will say that they rock!!:nice:
  3. I agree that Brenspeed is great. Got my XCal2 w/ tunes from them and could not be happier. Another great thing is that they always test and take videos of everything they sell. I had not been to their site for a while, so I just checked it out and the clip of the PMM system is great! Shows how it sounds great but is not too loud with the factory cats & h-pipe. I am seriously drooling over the prospect of getting the Pypes off-road H now, though!!! That sounds like just the pick-me-up the PMM system needs!

    For all of you wanting to hear this system and have not checked out Pypes' site, follow the link above and check out Brenspeed's clip of this system.:nice:

    Cheers! :cheers:
  4. Your Flows/H combo does sound great! Of course it will sound deeper, as you are comparing a chambered muffler to a straight-through design that has very little packing and little body to deepen the sound. Chocolate and vanilla, man...makes the world go 'round!:)

    Cheers! :cheers:
  5. Just installed my mid-muffler system this past weekend, had the GTA's on prior. Otherwise all stock exhaust. They are a step or 2 above the GTA's, but a different tone. Not too loud. I do have a slight amount of drone from 2000-2100. Will have to see if it gets more noticable or not.
  6. just installed the pmm system and am overall pretty happy. the driver side tip is a little higher then pass side but i can live with it for now. start up is a bit louder than stock. 2000-3500 rpms it sounds great. no drone or rattling.
    i ordered through brenspeed and could not be happier with there service. i ordered friday, got a comfirmation email friday night, tracking number saturday and system arrived wed. i will be ordering the jlt cai and xcal2 on tuesday from them.

  7. Wait til you install that JLT & load the tunes, it will really wake the car up.
    I ended up tweaking my Pypes system about 3-4 times until I got the tips lined up right.Finally got it last weekend where I'm happy with it.Overall, I'm happy with it myself.