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  1. Good Morning Midwesterners,

    I'll make this brief for now, I'd started a thread a little while back looking for Mustang clubs in the eastern Iowa area, and didn't get much of a response. After some googling and searching around locally at shops and things like that, I found a few clubs, and tried them out. While the QC Mustang Club is about 85 miles away from home, they were the club that I eventually signed on to.

    The atmoshpere of the club is very laid back, very much a gathering of enthusiasts who are more interested about sharing the Mustang experience than they are about the 'Order of Business' and 'Making motions and votes'. This, and the lack of membership dues interested me greatly. The level of organization and member turnout were also bright spots that led to my eventual decision to join the QCMC.

    For anyone who frequents StangNet from the QC area, Eastern Iowa or Western Illinois who is looking for a club or at the very least some fellow Mustang Enthusiasts to hang out with, post in here or take what I've said and think about it. I'm including the website to the club and a brief listing of the next handful of upcoming events and inviting anyone out there to stop by and check out the club!


    Contact Email: [email protected]


    Saturday, April 21, Cruise to Annawan to meet with Illinois Valley Stampede. Meet at the Visitor Center / Scenic Overlook on I-80 in Illinois at 2:15. Leave at 2:30 and cruise to Annawan to meet with the Illinois Valley Stampede at Blackburn’s Roadhouse.

    Sunday, May 6, Cruise to Wildwood Smokehouse and Saloon, Iowa City, IA. Meet at 10:45 at Grandma’s Kitchen at the Walcot I-80 Truck Stop. Leave for cruise at 11:00.

    Thursday, May 10, Meeting at The Windmill Family Restaurant, 1190 42nd Ave, E. Moline, Ill 6 PM

    Saturday , May 12, Mississippi Valley Mustang Roundup, Milan Hy-Vee 4-9 PM

    Saturday, May 19, Q C Cruisers

    Sunday, May 20, Dahl Ford Cruise In
  2. Hey all, an updated calendar for all the coming events for the Quad Cities Mustang Club. Check out the website if you're looking for some more information, or need to get a hold of someone if you have questions there is an email on the site or feel free to ask me as well!

    Friday, June 22, Illinois Valley Stampede Cruise In, Oglesby, Ill. 6-9 PM

    Wednesday, July 4, Bettendorf Parade.
    Saturday, July 7, Mississippy Valley Mustang Roundup, Milan Hy-Vee 4-9 PM
    Thursday, July 12, Meeting at Pizza Ranch, 880 Lincoln Road, Bettendorf 6 PM.
    Saturday, July 14, Q C Cruisers
    Friday, July 20, Illinois Valley Stampede Cruise In, Spring Valley, Ill. 6-9 PM.
    Saturday, July 21, Misissippi Valley Mustang Roundup, Milan Hy-Vee 4-9 PM
    Saturday, July 28, River Valley Classics - Northpark
    Sunday, July 29, Cruise to Bishop Hill

    Friday, August 3, Car show in Monmouth, IL
    Saturday, August 4, Mississippi Valley Mustang Roundup, Milan Hy-Vee 4-9 PM
    Thursday, August 9, Meeting at TBD
    Saturday, August 11, Q C Cruisers - Illinois Valley Stampede featured car club
    Sunday, August 12, Cruise to Button Factory, Muscatine, IA for Brunch
    Saturday, August 18, Mississippi Valley Mustang Roundup, Milan Hy-Vee 4-9 PM
    Friday, August 24, Illinois Valley Stampede Cruise In, Oglesby, Ill. 6-9 PM.
    Saturday, August 25, River Valley Classics - Northpark
  3. Also check out the QCMC on Facebook for more info, communication between members, or pictures from the latest events!
  4. thanks for posting the schedule!! might see you at one of the shows...
  5. Lets keep this thread alive.