Quad City Area Mustangs

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  1. Just wondering if there are any Quad City Area mustang owners on the forum.
  2. Moline here too...
  3. davenport in the house
  4. Nice Mustang's DarkFire nice to see someone else from the same area on here. Does anyone know of any Quad City area mustang clubs? I checked out your cardomain site nice pics. Check mine. http://members.cardomain.com/kurtguldner
  5. hey Mexis thanks for replying. I am also going to be installing some dumps next year when I switch to Flowmasters.
  6. i wasnt sure about going the dumps route on my 4.6 at first but my buddy talked me into it(he is running a dumped setup on his 5.0) now that i have it i LOVE it. now i just need some headers
  7. I had flowmaster dumps on my 98V6 Mustang and it almost sounded like a V8. I wanna hear what it sounds like with my mods on my 89gt.
  8. I'm living in Moline as well, but I rarely cruise these days. Last time I took the car out was to Cordova several weeks ago.
  9. darkfire your o5 is hot i when is the cervinis kit being put on
  10. I like his wheels :D I like the Mustang II. I want a '78 King Cobra. I was born in '78 and it would be cool to have a Mustang the same age I am.
  11. QCRun you were next to my Z/28 last weekend, along with my buddies 04 Mystic Chrome. We were surprised you didnt want any.
  12. No way I wanted any of either of those cars. My Stang isn't built enough for that and I really just wanted to hear the Supercharged Cobra take off. Sounded Sweet. I didn't know you were with any of them it seemed like every ford on the avenue was surrounding you lol. It was kinda funny when the old F150 reved its engine at ya. Maybe I'll see ya again.
  13. I'm from Eldridge, but i'm in Iowa City right now for school. Is anyone doing anything this weekend? This will be my first weekend back in a month and i want to drive my car. ~Nick
  14. I'll do something this weekend, I've been bored off my ass recently
  15. Sounds great to me Patrick, i don't know if you have my new cell number but its (563) 271-3074 maybe i'll also try to talk to you on AIM later this week. You'll have to give me a ride in your new stang :nice:
  16. sure thing
    is your brother '18mustangs' doing anything, haven't met him yet

    oh ya, did you ever get SFC's
  17. Moline here. Well except when im up at school which is pretty much all the time! :shrug:
  18. Hey guys I am local to, Eldridge as well, I don't know if I have seen any of you around. If anyone wants to do a meeting count me in. I am just a lonely mild modded V6 but I am trying to find a V8 to build for next spring so keep an eye out for me.