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  1. I need to get my fuel leak fixed before they will even let me run at Cordova. I am probably going to install a fuel cell in the back hatch.

  2. Yeah, I am using the full 03 gt wiring harness into my car. I am also swapping the interior. We will be pulling the Gt motor sunday, we have been lazy with the wrecked car but I think it will be out in a few more days, then I get to prep for the swap!

    Oh yeah and I bought a set of twin turbo headers and dump pipes. still trying to figure out what turbos to use on a budget. I keep thinking of the Evo Big 16g's cause I can get a couple cheap.
  3. Hey is everyone ok after last nights Tornadoes? I was on the phone for about an hour during the tornado with my little cousin up in Iowa City and she was flipping out. The pictures from that area were unbelievable.
  4. Ya, we got missed twice. My fathers law firm was right in line with a bunch of businesses that got destroyed including the Church, but it skipped him. Plus a neighbor (I'm in the country) had their house destroyed about 1/2 mile away. All the light poles are bent over touching the road for almost a mile.

    A friend of mine's Mustang got hit by something big and red, but other than that we got insane lucky.

    The tornado that destroyed the church and park etc stopped literly at his apartment, knocked down the stuff next to it.

    Thanks for your concern.
  5. Well I am glad to hear that you are ok. I was on the phone with my cousin in Iowa City half that night and she was flipping out about the tornado.
  6. not only are those wheels way over the top but did you see the price tag that is on them!!!!
  7. What's a set of those go for?
  8. The site shows $12,000 for 20's up to $20,000 for 26's
  9. Well I went out to Friday Fun Night at Cordova after work to see how the stang would run with the modded and rebuilt Tranny & Fuel Pressure Regulator and everyone that showed up was surprised by the very heavy cross wind on the track so no one had a good time. The only good thing I got out of the day were a couple of video's/pics and best of all I got to woop the [email protected]@ out of a little teenage punk in a 5.0 that was talking crap about me while sitting next to me in line. Best of all about that my g/f got it on video with our digital camera, too bad it doesn't record sound. I now believe that the stang can run low 14's after how strong it held up with the cross winds. The times were not the greatest but it looked as if the guys who had their times dialed in were off by almost a whole second. Below are the pics and video's she got.

    I think I am going to go on Summit tonight and order my new Intake, I am not sure which one I want yet it is a toss-up between the Cobra and Trick Flow intake.

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  10. What did you end up posting for time down there? I don't know if you tried the right lane any, but how do you like that big bump near the 60ft mark, it has a tendancy of upsetting traction bigtime with street tires...
  11. The fastest time was a disapointing 15.007 @93 which is slower than my stang ran (14.7) with a slipping tranny that later went out that week. I did try the right lane but I didn't notice the bump at the 60'. The funny run that I did was the first one lol I was the first one to run for the day cause there was not that many people there so I got the fresh track and I held a burnout until after the 1/8 mile mark and ran a 17 lol.

    I am going back once I get my new intake installed next month. If the weather is good I am confident I will run low 14's or better. The crosswind yesterday was just horrible. There wasn't too many people out there due to the weather and they cancelled the event that was scheduled for Saturday.
  12. Checking in from Milan...

    '04 Mach 1
  13. Welcome nice to see more stang owners from the QC. I see them driving around all the time so I know they are out their. Post up some pics of the stang and once again welcome.
  14. You should head over to www.qcaaf.com. There are a lot of local folks on there.

  15. Looks good I will check out that site. Thank You
  16. talk about a forum that died
  17. I was thinking that the other day, but had nothing to write..
  18. I'm heading to Cordova Fri night, but not with the Mustang. Shooting for low 13's in the Omni. There's a guy with a Honda w/nos coming from Indiana to race me so it'll be fun.
  19. any of you guys feel like a g2g ? maybe this weekend sometime