Quad City Area Mustangs

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  1. Let us know how it goes. And no fair I will be in Des Moines this weekend at the Good-Guys car show. Supposed to be 2500 cars at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.
  2. welp I am from Milwaukee right now but was raised in Davenport and take my car down there often. I went to Centrala nd graduated in 76...old I know! LOL

    I hang out or use to on Mat's Mustang Central site...

    been a while since I was on here. I lost my wife back in 03 so I wasn't to active in Mustangs for a bit...

    But now I am back....and what happens...

    sharded a ring landing in my motor...take a look here-http://cponygo.com/forums/index.php?topic=488.0
  3. welcome back, to bad your motor is a little screwed at the moment. i guess this gives you the excuse to replace with a stronger part :)
  4. yeah- don't know what I am going to do yet. I have only 60k on the car and I may do some update mods and refresh the engine bay while I contemplate a motor...

    where do you people meet up at...? whenever I come to town in my mustang it was like I would drive all over town and hardly see a one....
  5. I hear ya. Seems like the cruising seen has been over-run by ricers and poser ricers lol. I have heard on QCAAF.com that some muscle car guys meet up at Hobby Lobby in Davenport but have never drove over there to check it out. I remember the good ol' days about 5 years ago when the Avenue in Moline was full of nothing but Stangs, and Camaros. Now the cops patrol way to much and pull anyone over who looks like they are cruising.
  6. Man in my day it was the "ones" that was a great time in my high school dayzzz....had a couple of chevelles and GTOs back then...LOL

    oh and hair...hahah
  7. Hi guys, im not from the iowa area, but ran across a thread in the classified area in the corral from a guy who was trying to find a car that he had sold a while ago, that very well may be in the davenport IA area. Think you guys could help this guy out? heres the link to his thread http://www.corral.net/forums/showthread.php?t=787444 Thanks alot!
  8. I'm not a member there, but tell him to try qcaaf.com that's where alot of quad city folk hang out.
  9. Anyone ever try stealy dyno? I'm like 4 blocks from there, and wanting to get my car dynoed. Do they have a Mustang dyno?
  10. anyone? Stealy Dyno in East Moline?
  11. i have never used them but i wanna say it was someone on another forum that used stealys and didnt have any problems. try checking on qcaaf im sure one of those guys has tried them or knows someone.
  12. yeah... i know. I'm just on here more, so figured I'd ask here 1st. But thanks.
  13. I have never used the dyno at Stealy's just order some edelbrock shocks through there for my Explorer. Great customer service. I have heard good things about the dyno on QCAAF.com though.
  14. What about the dyno on the way to Cordova on the right side of the road heading north from 80? Has anyone been there? Does anyone know what type of dyno it is or whether it is a load bearing or not?
  15. Well I have never heard anything bad about that Dyno. The best site to check on that would be QCAAF.com. I believe that there is a thread on that site about the dyno's in the Quad Cities.
  16. 95 mustang gt teal stock and looking to trick it out... just move to the area and looking for people to meet.. it me up .. ill be at cordova sept 1st drags my ride maybe meet some people up there.
    [email protected] messenger [email protected] messegger
  17. Welcome to the site man. First thing I would do since it is a 95GT I would replace the computer so that you can actually mod that thing. I have been told by some of my friends who are mechanics is that the computer really restricts any major mods to the SN95 5.0's. Since you are new in the area and looking for other stangers another great site to go to is QCAAF.com. They meet in different areas every weekend and is a great way to meet new people. By the way my name is Kurt.
  18. I'll be at cordova sept 1st also for the midnight portion. I won't have my Mustang there, but I'll still be racing. Keep an eye out for a maroon Omni, you'll find me, or a good friend of mine with an 89 GT Blue/Silver.

    On another note, I trapped 103mph with the old 4 banger this weekend. I'm going to try to pickup another 3-5 mph over the next week.
  19. Damn congratulations I am still sitting on the same modded stang that I have had for the last 2 years. Still waiting for my friends to get around to helping me install the new intake then the new exhaust. Right now I am too scared to tear it apart since my dd is a pos Tempo lol. Got a baby due any day now also so can't really afford to tear it apart like I would like.