Quad City Area Mustangs

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  1. I'll help ya throw an intake on it some weekend. My DD up until I got the Omni back on the road is a 92 Tempo with 182,000 miles... I've been driving the Omni everywhere since and now my Mustang sits safely in my garage only to come out on weekends.
  2. Sounds like me but my Tempo is the DD. POS lol. Thanks for the offer man. I just don't fully trust myself to tear this engine apart by myself.
  3. Let me know a week or so in advance and I'll help ya, I'll even bring some specialty tools.
  4. Really any weekend is good for me unless my girlfriend decides to pop my kid out on one of them lol. I know that next Sunday I have to watch my little girl because my girlfriend has a baby shower but I am free Saturday. I will let you know since my friend already told me he would help me he is just being slow.
  5. Sorry I have been so quiet over the past week. I finally had my little girl on Monday at 6:15am. So as you can expect I have been sitting at home just stairing at her in excitement. Well I will talk to you all later.
  6. Thanks man
  7. so whats up Quad Cities???

    been a while since I have been there to visit...will be back in town on Turkey day...let me know if anyone goes out anyplace that weekend

  8. How old???

    My girlfriend has a 16month old little girl named Elli...been dating her since she was 6 weeks....that kid is my honey...and I have rasied two kids already (33/31) and doing it again...LOL

  9. Well my g/f has a 5 year old that has called me daddy since she turned 3 years old and now this is the first of my own and she is now 9 days old.

    On Turkey day I am not really planning anything except for dinner/lunch with the family. I may take out the stang that weekend but that all depends on how the weather is.
  10. quincy il in the house:nice:
  11. Welcome aboard man. Post up some pics of your stang.
  12. 9 second Fox raffle for cancer patient

    I'm posting this for a friend off another board:

    Hey guys, for those of you that don't know me, I work at Stealy Performance Machine in East Moline. In November of 04 Jeff Stealy was approached to help with a car for a great kid by the name of Jacob Littrell. Jacob had a vision for his Mustang, but the reality was that he was losing a battle with cancer. All he really wanted was to race his Mustang. As with most projects, this one snowballed. They actually ended up with a different body that was much more rust free. The resulting car is a work of art, a beautiful racecar with the best of everything. Over 30,000 dollars worth of parts was donated by companies with big hearts. Countless hours of time was donated by many people, including many long hours by Jeff.

    In March of 2005 Jacob passed away, just weeks before the cars completion. The car is now finished and has made a handful of trips down the quarter mile. To date the car has ran 9.9 @ 134 mph WITHOUT the nitrous. The kit is setup to spray an additional 200 horsepower as it sits. This is a top notch, 9.2x drag car on the spray.

    The car is being raffled off right now and you can buy tickets at Stealy Performance Machine or Winners Circle Speed and custom, both in East Moline, IL Otherwise you can contact me on here and we can talk about sending a ticket through the mail. Otherwise feel free to call the shop at 309-792-3333. The car is coming out in MM&FF and I have already been sending tickets all over the country. Tickets cost $100 each, but only 500 will be sold, so the odds of winning this car are great. We have sold about 1/3 of them and the car will be raffled when they are all sold. All proceeds from the raffle are going to Jacobs parents to pay for his medical bills.

    A little more info on the car:
    1985 Mustang Notchback
    369 Windsor engine
    630 engine dyno horsepower without spray
    Coated CP Pistons
    Scat 4340 Crank and rods
    All Calico coated bearings
    M2 CNC ported Brodix Track 1 Cylinder heads
    Comp Solid Roller .700 lift cam
    Victor Intake by Wilson Manifolds, Demon Carb
    Dual -8 Fuel systems, 1 nitrous- 1 motor
    Built C4 reverse manual trans w/ TSI 8" converter
    Full cage and custom chassis work.
    Qa1 full front suspension
    Granatelli rear <--- 1.38 60' on motor!!
    Full painless wiring by Wires By Wade

    There is over 50,000 dollars worth of work and parts in this state of the art race car!
  13. lets resirect an ancient thread lol.