Quad-driver module?

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by MrStang123, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. So I pulled up the error code on my 92' Cutlass. I got error code 26 which is the Quad-Driver No. 1 error. The book says that the Quad-Driver module is in the PCM (Powertrain control module). Is the PCM the same as the ECM? I want to order a re- manufactured one off of ebay and its advertised as an ECM. I wanted to make sure. Thanks
  2. yes a pcm and an ecm are the same but be careful as i have seen many cars with that same code and a new computer wont fix it. that code is basically saying that there is something wrong with that quad driver circuit. the quad driver is just an output control of the computer. it controls four things...thats why they call it a quad driver.

    what is the car doing?
  3. Well I notice that whenever my RPMs reach a certain point that the car will all of a sudden feel like it loses power and the check engine lights pops on. Then there is another problem which may be related. Whenever my car idles to long in traffic it will die and not start up for another 20 minutes. I was thinking the crankshaft sensor for that but I figured first I would see if a ECM swap would fix that problem. Don't know if they are related or not.

    Oh yeah and my year of the Cutlass did not have a tachometer. So I cannot really determine where the initial power lose problem kicks in.