Quad shock???

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  1. ok i want to get some wider tires but they sont fit they r to wide i know u can take the quad shocks off but wut will happen?
  2. Removing quad shocks = helloooooooo wheel hop! :nono:

    Ford put 'em on there for a reason, and considering that automakers are notoriously cheap about building cars and don't like to spend money on production any more than absolutely necessary, then taking them off would effectively undo whatever efforts Ford had made in trying to prevent wheel-hop. Don't do without the quads unless you've got some darned good aftermarket lower control arms ... and even then, you still might need 'em.

    Have you already tried flipping the quads around, instead? :shrug:
  3. wut sise r u trying 2 phit n there?
  4. i can 295/50 r15
  5. 295 on 15s?
    r u tryin to put then on sum turbines?
  6. 295's? :eek:

    Forget it. Way more width than you'll ever need, and WAAAAAYYYY more than you'll ever fit on a stock 7" wide rim. Going any wider than 255's won't do you any better, and you'll not only compromise handling but also have so much sidewall bulge that you'll run the risk of rolling the tire bead right off the rim in a turn.

    255/50/R15's will fit just fine with the quads still in place and still look good, although you might need to flip them to make them clear.
  7. well i have put 275/50/r15's before i was just tring to c how i can fit 295's
  8. they will fit but without the quads it may hop a bit...i had 12.5's on the back of my car and they fit but there drag radials so it kinda helps the hopping... plus, i was only using them at the track so i was doing massive brnouts before i used them... they were so sticky i didnt really have to worry about hop... honestly, if you want bigger i would either buy a real good set of control arms and do the 295's or stick with the 275's... on street tires, quads really do help significantly...
  9. You have to keep the quad shock unless u do some suspension mods
  10. My head is going to explode from trying to read all this sloppy L33T speak.
  11. What?
  12. +1 Try proofing your posts before you hit submit people. :shrug:
  13. I removed the quads because my wheels have too much backspacing for ranger axles. I'm not lying when I say my rear got airborne on a bumpy road recently. The road has lots of small dips like small waves. I was doing 30 mph and before I knew it my ass was literally bouncing. I'm now looking at how to get some quads on because that was scary and it also made my rear squeak a lot more and lots of hop if I get on it from a stop.

    Quads are your friend. Whats the skinniest one I can get my hands on, flipping didn't work
  14. I have 275/40/18 tires on my '97, and the quad shock I found that fit behind the wheel was a Motorcraft F4ZC-4A489-AB equivilent (sp), found it at Autozone but they have it listed as a steering damper, so it was hard to find.
    I changed the pass. side this morning, need to see about the other side #s to see if it's the same.
    Taking the original replacement shock and turning it around still didn't fit the car, so I had to find the smaller quad shock.
    On the box it said it was a 4 hour job to replace two of them, but with a little WD-40 it took about 15 minutes to replace one.
  15. Quad shocks work....even with fancy suspension mods.
  16. i have had about 10 mustangs and i have pulled all the quad shocks. the first one i had my wheels would not go on and u can unbolt them and turn them up side down and it puts the small part of the shock up top so your wider tire will go on if u want to keep them. my friends car runs 8.20 in the 1/4 and it dont have quads but it dont have a 8.8 any more
  17. I still have the quad shock on my car with 305/30/18s and it doesnt rub at all, no spacers
  18. no affence but those wheels and tires combo you have look way too big:notnice:, makes it look like a hot wheels car. The wheels look good on your car but they are just too wide, I would shoot for a set 1 inch less at least, car looks good just loks like you are going to ruin your paint and rub the wheel well like a motha.
  19. Are you running fox length axles?
  20. running a 98 rear end